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Dash Michelle Expresses True Desire In Her New Single, “Choose Me (Damn)”

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dash Michelle has been singing, writing, and recording music since a young age. Being included on a variety of musical projects with other emerging artists to begin her career helped to catapult her abilities and comfortability in the industry setting her on a path to success.

As timeless R&B music is truly her passion, the new single “Choose Me (Damn)” gives off a combination of slow connections and Valentine's day style vibes. Each lyric is filled with emotion and an immense desire for connection. Dash Michelle is able to layer her vocals with various passive sounds to encapsulate a scene and feeling of pure thirst for another individual who she so desperately wishes would choose her.

Lyrics like “I want you to be mine” and “I ain’t giving up fast” bring an unmatched sense of sexual tension to this seductive track. The beat and technological tones help to enclose and elevate each lyric to new heights as this track's intensity is controlled through its melody and backing sounds. Dash’s light vocals create a timeless sound that is a sure-hit for all listeners this February and beyond. We can’t wait for more new releases as Dash continues to create timeless, emotion-filled tracks.

You mentioned a Valentine's day mood you tried to create in your new single “Choose Me (Damn)”, what was the process like for you when creating this track?

“Choose Me (Damn)” is a track that I wrote and recorded in my native city New Orleans, Louisiana when I was about 17 years old. The session took place at my (then choir teacher Ms.Yvonne “Flash” Hitts in-home studio, Hitts after Hitts Enterprises). At the time I was transitioning from high school to college. I actually didn’t get the chance to revisit in enough time to record the final vocals and whatnot so this is a rough draft but it still “hits” nonetheless. Although, during the time of recording I was experimenting trying to see what I could “get away” with as far as the lyrics/theme of the song since I was still barely legal. I was recording a few songs at that time as it was my first time being in a studio setting so I can truthfully state how nervous I was to finally be recording and creating various concepts in front of others. I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to release this from the vault because of the Valentine vibes I received just from the title .

If you could use 3 words to describe “Choose Me (Damn)” what would they be and why?

When describing this track the first three words I thought of were: Bold, curious, and seductive. These words alone summarize my mood perfectly when I am creating since I always want to release whatever my best is at the time. It’s also the way I feel when I’m comfortable with someone and the feelings are mutual. The vibes for “Choose Me (Damn) is really one of those instances where you and the person(s) of interest are somewhat trying to deny the pull that both parties are sensing but can’t really see who’d make the first move (normally due to fear of self-sabotaging reasons). I took it upon myself once again to be that one who’s simply over it, wanting to know “Wassup, what’s the hold-up? I want you, and all of you to be mine. Stop playing!” We’re all like let’s dive deeper to see where this could lead but it’s clear someone has to play it big. It isn’t like we’re not wanting to connect, it’s the other 50 million thoughts running in our mind that are holding us back from something we both know I present. Like Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get..”

When writing your seductive and passion-filled tracks do you work with others to bounce ideas off of, or is your writing process more individualized?

In most cases, I’m writing from experience or a mixture of that along with my curiosity of things I’d like to come to fruition. Of course, bouncing off of someone else’s idea could/would create something of its own too because I strive for originality even if some inspiration does spark.

Moving forward you mentioned you plan on releasing a lot more music, do you think these future tracks will connect with “Choose Me (Damn)” or will we find you moving in various directions/processes for each new single?

There will certainly be tracks that connect with “Choose Me (Damn)” just like my first release “Bet Dat” because I’m naturally sultry in most aspects but of course that’s “right place right time”. My main focus when creating at any given time is to come out with a final product of something true and relatable. I might as well call myself a storyteller because I’m taking listeners on my journey. They can join the ride whenever they see fit because I don’t just create the same exact concept in a copy/paste manner. I create and make things more visual to the mind. I’m always moving in different directions so you’ll never know what mood I’ll put you in but you’ll love it for its own purpose.

What can we expect to see next?

Next up I’m working on some features and cooking up more tracks for y’all to make favorites and connections with.



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