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Datant Releases Dynamic New Single “Poppy Romance”

Datant grew up in Los Angeles, CA and always found himself quite lonely in most situations. As he began to grow older he found himself engaging in substances which made him feel more extraverted. He never felt like he belonged in any specific place so he nomaded around and kept people at a distant. These travels led him to various sorts of places that differentiate from one another but none has appealed more significant to him than Texas, where he experience the greatest heartache and pain he's ever faced over the years. Datant eventually turned that pain into art when he began writing and recording music. Datant writes all his music, from drum beats to bass lines guitar solos, synth parts etc.

Datant's singlePoppy Romance” touched base on the personal experiences and various travels Datant has endured on. This song was a product of his assorted occurrences. “Poppy Romance” has a beautiful indie alternative vibe with augmented vocals that seems sort of distorted which creates a cool effect for the listeners. This song feels slightly psychedelic but it’s so idiosyncratic where it feels almost difficult to really categorize this single at all. Nonetheless, Datant poured his heart out on the track and if you really focus and hone in on the context of the music, you will see the meaning behind it all and how it personally reflects the artistry of Datant and the character of him stripped away from the fabricated music image. "Poppy Romance" was detailed and ethereal and we enjoyed envisioning all the grainy images of prosperity, peace, and relaxation the song gave us. A beautiful song to add to all our sappy love playlists with a numbed vibe.

“For me Dàtant begins as a personal journey. It was a cathartic way to try and move past many personal struggles, turmoil and inner demons that correlated with heartbreak, addiction, and a way to do something creative and positive to distract myself from the outside world and the internal workings of my dark mind.” - Datant

Listen to "Poppy Romance" here.

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Josh Ó. I write the sings and I song in the band.

Do you believe growing up and dealing with different battles of anti-socialism helped shape the artist you are today?

Well everyone is different in that some people use their art as a vehicle to channel their emotions, some use it to escape their emotions, some use it to confront their emotions.... Fransisco Goya is one of my favorite painters because he actually captured his madness and his descent into madness through his art. I say this because he became increasingly antisocial and isolated. I didn't actually grow up anti social and in fact loved human interaction but was always so different than everyone especially my age that for a while I became more distant and closed off more because people didn't really accept me. Around the time I started to really get into guitar and music as a whole is when I started to drink which helped curve the anxiety and anti social behavior as well so its really hard to say. It certainly helped me lyrically and did shape the way I feel think and write a lot of things in my music, and not just the lyrics as well, it's also affected how I write music as well from melody's to guitar parts etc.

How has music served as an escape purpose for you?

I don't know if I would say that it has. I never used music to escape I used it to discover and create purpose within my life and myself.

What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far?

That's tough because I don't really view any one single moment as more or less special than another, rather another thing accomplished and another positive experience had. I guess some highlights would definitely be opening a recording studio with Gordon Raphael The Producer of The Strokes, Getting to work with Scott Montoya formerly of the Growlers as mixer on our record. Working with Anthony Braun Perry of CatSigns and formerly The Growlers as producer then giving an introduction to the label we were working with to him as well which eventually led to him signing on the label we were on.

What does your single “Poppy Romance” mean to you?

It's kind of got a duality to it. It was the first song I wrote when I started coming up with ideas for the first incarnation of this project. So I love the song in a way but I hate it well rather hate to think of the lyrics as its about my inner demons, letting go, drug addiction, and an an ex girl friend. 

It's also the first song I've ever written that I was completely proud of so yeah. 

What can we expect from Datánt in 2019?

Maybe and hopefully a record deal! We had one but in all honesty it didn't work out in the end so I decided to move forward. Hopefully a tour. I'm actually putting together a lot of really cool and new stuff. Currently we are looking to hire and replace a few people so I am gonna start looking and auditioning people this week. I have big plans to start building a really cool elaborate stage set up too.


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