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Dave Amezcua Debuts His Solo Project ZIMINY and His Release “She (Zoey Deutch)”

Former AWOLNATION bassist and multi-instrumentalist Dave Amezcua is taking a different route in the industry by introducing his solo debut alt/pop project ZIMINY, and his recent warm-hearted single "She (Zoey Deutch)." Although Dave has toured alongside multiple bands as a bassist, he can't help but find himself sitting back at the piano and creating music that lifts our day. Highlighting that ZIMINY doesn't necessarily conform to any genre, as Dave Amezcua's influences range so vast that he'll capture any atmosphere that resonates with him at the moment upon creation. Speaking on ZIMINY's debut single "She (Zoey Deutch)," Dave Amezcua mentioned that Zoey Deutch isn't featured on the single. Yet, he wanted to capture an 80's theme through a title with a female's name, as his wife's name 'Keesha' didn't correctly flow with the rhythm of the song. ZIMINY also brings in feel-good and uplifting melodies that channel the likes of R&B, surf culture, and happy-go-lucky 80's instrumentals with an intriguing modern flair. While ZIMINY captures a warm atmosphere through lyrics of passion and devotion, it's evident that Dave Amezcua's musical talent can thrive with any sound, genre, or emotion. After giving a thorough listen to ZIMINY's debut single "She (Zoey Deutch), we'd like to highlight how exhilarating and moving Dave Amezcua's songwriting is. Not to mention the incredibly pleasing melodies through mesmerizing keyboards, serene electric guitar picking, celestial chimes, and Dave Amezcua's fresh vocals full of love and life. He sings beautiful lyrics like "she's my one telephone call," as Dave Amezcua crafted the idea of the single from thinking about the one person he'd like to call from prison, or the last loving voice he'd love to hear. Purely creating a single that takes our minds off today's hardships, ZIMINY's debut single "She (Zoey Deutch) captures all the love we need to cheer up and move forward.

Fall in love with "She (Zoey Deutch" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ZIMINY! We’re thrilled to feature ZIMINY’s timeless debut release “She (Zoey Deutch)”. Seeing as your wife inspired the single, could you expand on how you went about writing lyrics that capture the emotions you intended to portray?

Thank you for having me! I just sat down at the piano, played the opening riff on the piano which became the first thread of the song. I pulled on that thread a little bit more and wrote the line "She's my one telephone call." That being the metaphorical question 'if I were in prison, who would I call?' My wife definitely tops the list. Unless we're in a fight. Then I'm calling my brother Jon. 

With regards to “She (Zoey Deutch)” and the 80’s theme you wanted to tie in, what made you want to bring something nostalgic yet modern to the table for your first release as ZIMINY?

I literally have the Toto IV album cover tattooed on my forearm! And no, I am not a part of the new wave of Toto "Africa" fans that just emerged in the past two years. I have been a die-hard fan since I was about 13. There are many different sub-genres within the '80s, but I definitely subscribe most to the Toto/Chicago era of the '80s. It's a natural thing for that style of music to rub off on a ZIMINY track. 

Speaking on Dave Amezcua’s textured industry background from AWOLNATION to touring with other bands. What made you want to find your own sound and niche with the project that’s now ZIMINY?

I feel like I already had a sound. It existed long before Awolnation and it'll hopefully be around for a long time to come! It's all about not hoarding it any longer and sharing it with the world.

Now that Dave Amezcua is musically thriving with many instruments and atmospheres on your solo project ZIMINY, what other sounds or genre-blends might we hear from you in the future?

So I have quite a few songs all ready to go behind this release, and I think there is a good balance of all the things I love found in each track. I enjoy taking a blank canvas and beginning to paint the sounds and influences I'd like to hear and share. My influences range from Steely Dan, Chicago, Toto, The Eagles, The Misfits, Bee Gees, Beastie Boys, ELO, The Beach Boys, some punk hardcore music and so much more. So it's an eclectic gang of artists that inspire me and translate out the other end in a new song.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I would love to say touring but wah wah. Live shows are clearly no go in 2020, so lots and lots of new music. 


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