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Davey Squires Turns Heads With His Debut Album and Song "It's Never"

Over the last few years, Davey Squires has been pushing his way into the music industry and has truly entered with a bang. After just learning to play the keyboard in 2014, he began performing live four years later, touring coffee shops and anywhere he could showcase his talent for vocals and piano. He takes inspiration from many big names including Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and R.E.M. In 2019, he released his first EP “Signatures” and first studio album “Fiction” in the same year, displaying that hard work does pay off!

One of the singles off Davey Squires’ first album, entitled “It’s Never”, is primarily a rock track with impressive guitar riffs and an assertive beat, perfect for lifting your mood on your morning walk to work. His voice is alleviating and passionate, and it is clear that Squires’ has perfected how to control his tone and draw audiences to his voice. His musical style and lyrics will no doubt make for an outstanding live performance that anyone would be lucky to witness, and we would love to hear his vocal talent stripped down with piano accompaniment. Make sure you give “It’s Never” and the rest of the 2019 album “Fiction” a listen to. In the words of Davey Squires himself, it’s never too late!

Check out “It’s Never” by Davey Squires here!



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