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David Anthony Demands “EXXTRAA TINT” in a Hot New Release

Coming in hot from Dallas, Texas, the rapper, songwriter, producer, and engineer David Anthony highlights the heated eighth track, "EXXTRAA TINT," off his dynamic 15-track album, 'ROSES DIE ANYWAY.'

David Anthony has been creating music for the past nine years; he mixes, masters, produces, and writes everything he releases. A family man at heart, Anthony's eight siblings, daughter, and daughter-on-the-way constantly inspire him to be the best possible version of himself. Anthony creates music solely due to his love for artistic self-expression.

Recently releasing his hard-hitting 15-track album, 'ROSES DIE ANYWAY,' listeners can hear a more authentic and genuine side to David Anthony as he delves into various lyrical concepts that make up his everyday thought process. Highlighting the groovy eighth track, "EXXTRAA TINT," off the album, David Anthony offers this undeniably modern and stimulating track that leaves us on the edge of our seats.

Jumping into "EXXTRAA TINT," the track takes off in an instant with the heaviest drum breaks and spicy synths to kick the song into gear. As David Anthony begins bouncing around to the groovy and toe-tapping beat, he melts our speakers with his fiery and charismatic performance while demonstrating his unique and captivating artistry.

We can't get enough of the heated sonic atmosphere; the production perfectly enhances David Anthony's performance while allowing him to shine in the spotlight. Towards the song's end, a surprise tonal transition hits our speakers while David Anthony jumps into his flaming bars at a lower and more mysterious tone to close the song on a sultry and carefree note.

Catch the vibe of David Anthony's latest hit, "EXXTRAA TINT," off his recent 15-track album, 'ROSES DIE ANYWAY,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic David Anthony. We can't get enough of the groove and energy within your latest hit, "EXXTRAA TINT." What inspired this hard-hitting and exciting track?

"EXXTRAA TINT" was inspired by frustration, and confusion that led to a feeling of rage. I made the beat more aggressive than my vocal delivery because that resembled me at the time. Feeling enraged but spoke as clearly as I could without blowing up.

How does "EXXTRAA TINT" fit into the vibe and concept of your album, 'ROSES DIE ANYWAY?' How does this track enhance the album's theme and approach?

"EXXTRAA TINT" fits the concept of the album perfectly cause it represents the majority of the topics/issues I touch on throughout the project. I talk about how I want to make things work out but I just can't get through to who I love. That's why I titled it "Roses Die Anyway" cause I felt like every good thing I did was in vain like it never mattered. So why buy all these roses if they're just gonna die anyway? At times I felt like I never got my flowers while I was present, but roses die anyway. It's really a sign of someone giving up on something because, in my mind, roses or flowers in a relationship symbolized romance or simply someone trying.

How did you go about creating such a modern, bouncy, and fiery sonic landscape for 'EXXTRAA TINT?" What was your solo creative process like for this track?

I just create based upon what I'm feeling. I never think about making something sound modern necessarily, but the fire definitely comes from the feeling I tap into at the moment. Certain sounds correlate with how I feel if they make sense. I almost always end up doing lots of sound design to capture what I see in my mind.

Could you enlighten our readers on what you stand for as an artist and what your strive to represent? How does your album, 'ROSES DIE ANYWAY,' reflect who you are?

As an artist, I stand for transparency, love, forgiveness, and originality. I desire to help people not feel so alone with what they're going through. I want them to hear my problems and see that I kept on pushing no matter how dark it got for me. I want to represent the ability to accept your own imperfections and other people's imperfections. I just want people to love themselves and others, and to embrace growth. My album 'Roses Die Anyway' reflects who I am by showing how persistent I was with showing love in my darkest moments. love must always be present, even if it's from afar. I'm all about love lol.

What can listeners anticipate next?

Listeners can expect me to pound the hell out of marketing the project cause it's too good for me not to keep pushing it and finding new ways to push it. Once I milk this I am working on a project with more features than I ever have and more hard-hitting shit. I really wanna do a Rap heavy project that's where my heart is right now, but we'll see.


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