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David Houle Captivates Us With An Outstanding Vocal Performance On His Powerful Release, “Some Say”

The multi-talented musician shows off his varied skill set before stealing the show with a standout performance.

Hailing from the rural area of Loretteville, Quebec, multidisciplinary artist David Houle has been no stranger to overcoming adversity. He battled addiction for a decade, turning to music and songwriting to shine a light on his darkness.

The result? Where others may have faltered, he rose like a phoenix, emerging better than ever before to become a man reborn.

Today, he motivates audiences to face their struggles using the same instrument that saved him when he needed it: music. Armed with a powerful conviction and even greater artistic abilities, this talented musician looks to inspire a simple message; “Every day, you have the chance to start over.”

Houle comes to the table with an elevated poise that befits his rich experience in the music industry. He’s rubbed shoulders with the best, performing with Montreal's atypical metal band Deadly Apples at the 25th Vans Warped Tour alongside giants like Good Charlotte, Blink 182, and Simple Plan.

Having also worked alongside Cindy Lauper in the Tony Award-Winning musical Kinky Boots, Houle has proved that his artistry is as diverse and versatile as it is skilled, and there seems to be no limit. Although he may come from rural beginnings, it’s clear that this rising star is destined for big things.

Houle’s latest release, aptly named “Some Say,” feels like a gorgeous and decadent offering with high replay value of the strength of Houle’s vocal performance alone. Featuring instrumentals that feel nebulous and a little mysterious, Houle’s vocals steal the show.

With Houle’s rich, expansive delivery, lines like “You push me back when we were down in LA” and “We chose the storm, downpour / Can’t take it anymore” cut straight to the heart and give you chills. It’s a standout offering from an artist just scratching the surface of his vast potential, and we can’t wait to see how far Houle will take this.

David Houle’s “Some Say” is a powerful and captivating release that will leave you chills. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Houle’s latest release, “Some Say,” available now on all majour streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, David Houle! We loved "Some Say," we had to ask! What was the inspiration behind this release? Were you drawing from personal experience?

Bonjour BuzzMusic! Thank you for having me! My inspiration for this song was Heartbreak. I had poured my heart into a relationship that ultimately fell short. Writing "Some Say" helped me move on without feeling anger or resentment toward that person. Sometimes, we make something work that is different from the right fit. I lost myself trying to please someone who wasn't fully available.

What is your creative process typically like for songs? Could you take us through the process for "Some Say?"

My first step is to record a rough vocal draft of the song. I will track some vocals for the entire track without set lyrics. The theme was clear for this song, and I base my trial runs around that vibe. I do that about five times, then spend the next few days listening to each take and choosing what melody and lyrics make the most sense. Before I head to the studio, I know what I want sound-wise, and with the help of the sound engineer, I can make my vision come to life. I had the privilege to work with Luis Pacheco when recording this single. He is an incredible sound engineer.

What inspired you to start making music, and what inspires you to make music today?

I started making music during the pandemic when I was out of work and struggling to remain sober. I was determined not to relapse, and I just started recording on my laptop one night. It helped me get through some difficult nights and has become the primary way I process what I am going through healthily.

What inspires me to make music today are the possibilities. I want to see where it can lead me. I gain more confidence with every project and have so much I want to explore. My sobriety journey also inspires me. I am coming up on four years sober and am incredibly thankful for this second chance I have at life. When you are in active addiction, you waste so much time. What inspired me is continuing to discover what kind of artist I am while balancing the ups and downs.

What's been your favorite part about being a musician so far?

My favorite part has been creating music videos. I am a professional dancer and also a choreographer. For this music video, I had the privilege to have one of my best friends, Amber Teolis, fly from Canada to film with me in Las Vegas, where I worked. As a multidisciplinary artist, my favorite part of being a musician is combining different mediums to create a vision. The possibilities are endless, and each project captures a precise chapter of my life.

What's next for David Houle? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I am always working on new music!!! I have some ballads I released in the past that I am remixing. I will do short covers every few weeks and post them on my Instagram and YouTube channels. I also have a heavy metal song I've been working on inspired by the time I toured with Marylin Manson. I'm figuring out what is the next best step to take, but yes, definitely, new music is coming out in 2024. I am also trying to get more exposure for my singing career and think a television competition show might be an excellent way to share my journey and connect with more people. The dream is to collaborate with like-minded artists and record an entire album. To my fans, thank you for listening to my music and sharing my content. It does make a huge difference as an independent artist. Stay tuned...I'm looking forward to the following year. It will be life-changing. For anyone struggling with addiction, know that change is possible and you are worth living a meaningful life. I am here for you. Let me be your voice. Thank you BUZZ, for the support and love. It's always a pleasure talking with you. À bientôt!!!


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