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David Houle Makes Bittersweet Realizations In “With Me”

Quebec's very own multidisciplinary artist, David Houle, returns with one of his most expressive releases to date: a new single and music video titled "With Me."

David Houle is undoubtedly one of the hottest artists to watch this year, having recently played a lead role on the Las Vegas Strip at the legendary Jubilee Theatre, not to mention being part of the show WOW at the Rio Hotel, performing alongside finalists from America's Got Talent.

And for an artist who's shared stages with acts from Simple Plan and Blink 182 to Slipknot and The Strokes, it's clear Houle is only getting started. Keeping the momentum going is his latest single, "With Me," a deeply expressive song that tracks the tumultuous nature of post-break-up experiences and the darkness and confusion they can cast.

Diving deeper into "With Me," the experience begins with a powerful punk rock instrumental to kick the song into gear. As David Houle makes his warm vocal appearance, he reflects on the recent happenings of parting ways with someone who was once his 'hero' and watching how they've fallen short. But, alas, he knows he's better off, even if that means sleeping on the hills of 'intimate street.'

The song's music video is equally expressive, with David Houle's solo choreography making the experience even more palpable. He's also accompanied by the stunning presence of an alluring female costar, captivating him entirely with her own fluid choreography that adds a dynamic back-and-forth for maximum impact. It's an emotional, cathartic experience that anyone can resonate with.

Allow David Houle to guide you through post-break-up confusion in his latest single, "With Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to Buzz, David! What an emotional listening experience you've provided with your recent single, "With Me." What personal experiences inspired you to create this cathartic song?

Hello Buzz Music! It's an absolute pleasure to connect with you again. As a songwriter, I always strive to create music reflecting my experiences and emotions. My latest track, "With Me," is a testament to that. It's a song that was born from the ups and downs of my life, particularly as I navigated through some significant changes and struggles. I'm slowly getting to where I want to be, but some past baggage still keeps me from being fully present. Since I started my journey to sobriety, songwriting has been my go-to for staying healthy and channeling my emotions through art, and I'm so grateful for it. Recently, I ran into someone from my past, and things got confusing. I was hoping for some closure but felt lost and anxious.

To add to the mix, I was starting to date someone amazing, but I couldn't fully open up due to work, timing, and feeling inadequate. I've always turned to my songwriting to stay healthy, and with "With Me," I wanted to challenge myself to experiment with a different style. Growing up, I was a massive fan of bands like Sum 41, Simple Plan, and Blink 182, and seeing them perform at the 25th Vans Warped Tour, where I was also performing, was a real eye-opener. This track differs from my last few singles, and I'm excited to share it with my fans. I love the feel of this song, and I hope it resonates with people in the same way it did with me. It's a testament to the fact that even though we may face struggles and challenges, we can still find ways to stay true to ourselves and pursue our passions.

What was your experience creating the music video for "With Me?" What was that collaborative process like with your costar and team?

Creating the music video for this track was an absolute blast! Being an indie artist, I always strive to have a visual for each single and challenge myself to do it within a reasonable budget because, let's face it, everything is crazy expensive right now. Have you seen the price of grapes lately? It's like they're made of gold! Anyway, we filmed the video at Studio Focus in Montréal, Canada.

I couldn't have done it without the incredible talents of Amber Teolis, the star of the Las Vegas "Some Say" video. With the help of the fantastic videographer Zac Courchesne, we created different worlds, and the final result is nothing short of amazing! Collaborating with artists from other mediums has always been a treat, and this project was no exception. We filmed everything within 2 hours, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. I can't wait for you all to see it!

Why did you choose to infuse "With Me" with a raw punk sound? Why do you feel this particular approach worked best?

As someone who always seeks new challenges, I decided to explore a different genre of music. And I learned a lot from my first attempt! After touring with Marilyn Manson a few years ago, I rediscovered my love for raw punk music. Now, I focus on creating music that's true to my style rather than conforming to what people expect to hear. As a professional dancer, I've always wanted to incorporate movement into my performances. However, I must admit to feeling like an imposter in singing and songwriting.

Nevertheless, I'm determined to let go of those doubts and not waste more time. I love how creating music brings me a sense of peace and happiness like nothing else does. Each new single I produce has its unique flavor, but ultimately, I continue to pursue music because it makes me feel alive. Trying something different and stepping outside my comfort zone has been crucial to my journey. I'm evolving as an artist, and this new single perfectly represents this chapter in my life.

Considering "With Me" is quite an emotional song, did you encounter any personal challenges when writing it? Was it difficult to open up and be so vulnerable?

The most challenging part of writing "With Me" was editing the lyrics and deciding which version to record when I went to track vocals at Planet Studios in Montreal. After listening to the recordings, I realized that I repeated one word, which did not bother me then, but now I know I can push myself when finalizing the lyrics. As a new songwriter, I know my current skills, and being bilingual, I often move between French and English when mapping out song ideas and themes. The tricky part was having a version of the song ready before going into the studio and not overthinking it.

Every creation has its unique period of inspiration and a never-set expiration date. While editing and rewording are important aspects of the creative process, it's essential to balance perfecting your work and preserving the initial drive that inspired you to create it. This balance between creative editing and inspiration is the key to producing high-quality, long-lasting work. I was fortunate to work with Hugo Germain, an excellent producer and sound/mixing engineer.

What did you want listeners to consider or take away after hearing your personal lyrics in "With Me?" What impact did you want to leave on your audience?

I hope my lyrics in "With Me" empower anyone going through life transitions to trust themselves enough to choose what feels right, even if no one else understands. It's challenging to navigate the opinions of others in today's society, where everyone feels entitled to share their thoughts. I intend for the audience to find peace of mind and embrace simplicity in life. I desire a life that is simple yet meaningful, not boring.

I want listeners to feel the power they hold regarding decision-making and relationships and the importance of being mindful of the energy we allow into our lives. Taking time for oneself is crucial. Finding someone better than an ex is possible, but we still need to find the right fit for each other.

I never thought I'd be the one to say goodbye.


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