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David J Encapsulates Love's Obsitcal's on Latest Release "A Little Too Much"

With the silky-smooth vocals like an R&B crooner, David J delivers a flawless performance on his latest single "A Little Too Much." Off the chain, stylized synth beats envelop the track creating an aura of mystic and intrigue. The exploratory lyrical composition takes the listener down a spiral of self-discovery. This bicoastal singer/ songwriting is spending his time in Los Angeles and New York, creating relatable content for fans nationwide.

"A Little Too Much" has the vibe of a pop hit with an underlying hip hop beat. The cascading instrumentals trickle over the track, and the lower than low bassline pumps along as the fuel injector to this motorized song. David J gives a sultry and soulful lyrical performance, and the verses will have you intrigued as you journey through this song. Lyrics like: "Hold up, slow down, we can keep the world spinning around," "My imagination seems like some fascination," and "Somewhere in life, we stole a moment in time," takes the listener on a game of cat and mouse, a pair intertwined in attraction but losing the feeling as time slips away. "A Little Too Much" makes us slow down and appreciate the peace that comes with reflection; you will not want to miss the chance to experience "A Little Too Much" affects.

Discover "A Little Too much" here.

Hello David J and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest hit "A Little Too Much." The song allows the listener to interpret the lyrics in a way they can relate to. Can you tell our listeners how you wanted "A Little Too Much" to be perceived?

Hi BuzzMusic, thank you so much for having me. I’m glad you liked the track. Personally, when I write my music, it’s always from what I’ve experienced and how I’ve felt in different situations. This song, in particular, the “goal” is to share the stream of emotions that one might have when they first meet somebody that they’re fascinated or mesmerized by, or simply put “have a crush on”. You start to talk about anything and everything to that person, and sometimes “a little too much”(pun intended;). I wanted to put those feelings into something intimate, introspective, but also emotive at the same time, because we’ve all, or at least a lot of us, have gone through those periods in life, and I think this is the perfect way to put it together.

Can you tell us a bit about your artistic process and what gets you inspired to write a song?

Songwriting is extremely personal to me. It always originates from a snapshot of me as a person at the moment or in the past. That’s why I get inspiration from so many places. I can look up to the sky and see the way that clouds blend in with the sun and a melody or harmony would pop up. But then, I would have to have my phone with me cause I wouldn’t remember what I came up with at all if I didn’t record it at the moment. On a personal level, I didn’t have any outlet, or resource, at all for me to release my emotions, whether it’s sad, anxious, happy, whatever. My biggest musical inspiration is Mariah Carey. When I first heard her music, I didn’t understand what she was singing except that I felt the emotions behind it. Later on, when I really read those lyrics, it made me not feel alone like I was the only one going through some of those negative moments in my life. Because the material is so genuine, it allows the music to speak to lots of people who have been in similar situations and really relate to it. That’s what I hope my music would do as it is the most genuine side of me.

"A Little Too Much" has a combination of musical styles infused within, from pop, R&B, and jazz, what musical genres do you feel your music falls into?

When making this project, it started as a simple piano with kick drum and claps. I envisioned it as an R&B inspired track but not fully committed to the genre. As it develops, my producer, Jad, who is amazing, went back and forth with me, added different elements that made it “closed space” sounding, which is exactly how I wanted the track to sound. The chord progression falls a bit in jazz and there’s definitely that groove, which pop and R&B sometimes have in common. Because I am so inspired by the 90s ballads, I want to combine different elements into my music. So in a way, the song kind of dipped into many genres and became the sound as it is.

What do you feel the most freeing aspect of creating your own music is?

For me, writing is a healing moment. I get to take time and really jot ideas down on paper or on my phone and capture the rawest emotions and moments with words. I record my own vocals and comp them by myself, which is a private process that I always keep to myself. When recording, I feel like experimenting and trying different things that may or may not work, but it really gives me the freedom to do various things vocally. That part of creating music is always the closest to my heart. In a way, it is “freeing” for sure.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

This is my debut single and I am blessed that I can produce (with Jad for this track), write and sing my music, and be a part of the process. I consider 2020 as the start of my “book” and my journey. A lot of people may say “a new chapter in their lives”, but this is just the preface for me. I like to make music at my own pace and see what I enjoy listening to myself at that moment and share it with people when I know it is right. There are definitely different projects on the way, some upbeat, some more introspective. I think this is a great way to start a new decade and hopefully, by the end of it, I can make me look back and be proud of what I did.



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