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David Thomas Jones Gives Us the Chance to Be Taken Away With New Song “The Scenes”

Austin, Texas - known for its highly progressive and artistic roots has given us another amazing sonic experience! David Thomas Jones is here with his new song “The Scenes” and we are happy about it. “The Scenes” comes from a new EP released on October 29th of this year and it is infectious. Taking modern folk influence and fusing a pop sensibility, David Thomas Jones makes it easy for us to sing along with this very talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, writer, ball of talent. The song eases in with light percussion that then unfolds into catchy acoustic guitar and vocal-driven Folk that feels familiar but sounds new. As a music listener, that’s all we can truly ask for. By the end of the track, you find yourself clapping and humming along, and it’s hard to not show your friends who you want to impress with your music taste. 

However, recording and releasing music is nothing new for David - he was the drummer of The Murdocks played bass for Scan Hopper and fronted the group Watch Out For Rockets. You may also recognize this talented artist as an actor and music contributor for the film “Mr. Roosevelt”. 

"The Scenes" is a song you do not want to miss out on, definitely give it a spin and sit back while you’re taken away to somewhere wonderful on a winters day. 

Listen to "The Scenes" here.


David, so great to get the chance to speak with you. Tell us, what was it like growing up and playing music in a great music community such as Austin, TX?

Nice to talk to you as well!  I actually grew up in Wisconsin, but it's been pretty cool in Austin.  Lots of great musicians.  I haven't played out in Austin in a while because on my solo albums I play all the instruments and I haven't put together a band to play any of it live.  I should get on that haha.

Where did you find yourself when you were writing The Scenes, and what inspired it?

I wrote the music and melody to it while I was in Los Angeles helping a friend with her album.  I wrote the lyrics a few months later and kind of got myself into the same headspace as when I first started writing it.  Traveling kind of puts your life in perspective.  You get out of auto-pilot and can take stock of what you've been doing in your day to day routine.  What is all the effort and worry building up to?  Are you building up to something or just haphazardly throwing the energy out into the ether?  So there's a line 'Now I'm living, afraid it won't count, the scenes they don't add up'.  Which is me just being frustrated. 


You’ve done some acting work, is this something that you may find yourself doing in the near future? 

That kind of just fell into my lap, so it's hard to say if I'd do it again.  It was a lot of fun so if I was asked to I probably would, but I don't think I'll be going to auditions or anything like that.


Where do you draw influence from when you’re not only writing the music and lyrics, but your melodies? Seems like there is a pop sensibility in there, which is very important to be tapped into. 

I think just hearing songs that I like inspires me to take a shot at making my own, and what I'm into is constantly changing.  It's kind of a problem! On this last album, I think I was musically probably inspired a bit by BRMC since I was listening to them a lot.  Maybe some Blue Album too.  Probably some other stuff I can't think of now.  There's usually a seed of an idea, and it will do its thing, and you do something to the idea, and it does something back, and on and on until it's a finished song.  Or a half-finished song that just sits there, which is usually the case.  I usually try to bypass my brain when I'm writing and just let the songs form without me getting in the way.  Especially with lyrics.  Sometimes there's an intentional message I'm trying to make.  Not too intentional hopefully, cuz that's no fun.

Lastly, what is next for you? Any new plans for releasing new music?

I have a whole bunch of cheesy 80's synth music that I might finish and release under the name Johnny Popcorn.  He's a fictitious guy I made up who lives in Sacramento, is originally from the USSR, and loves communism and muscle cars.  I recently produced a couple of songs for Noël Wells, and would love the opportunity to do more producing.  



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