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DaviT Delivers Dark Electronic Synths And Melancholic Vocals In “Transmission Me”

Based in the Netherlands, DaviT is a producer/musician with an already impressive repertoire of experimental electronic music under his belt. He released his debut “Transistor” EP on Wic Recordings in April 2018. Throughout the year he regularly publishes videos of his synthesizer jams on his YouTube Channel. His style is dark electronic music fused with vocals and sound reminiscent of a film score that creates a wide range of emotions from the listener. These themes are also reflected in his recently released single “Transmission Me”. The music video that appeared with it was made by Martin Swinkels and Antoine Kroes.

“Transmission Me” is a haunting and melancholic ballad that will take your mind on a journey. The sonic soundscapes provide a mind bending experience for the listeners, allowing them to escape into DaviT’s eclectic world. Hypnotizing and finely-tuned, “Transmission Me” is a dark electronic motif with elements that make the listener feel emotions of isolation and disparity. The mesmerizing synths and emotiv lyricism fuse together into sounds that are authentic to DaviT’s style. His deep vocal tone and range keep the listener enticed while his experimental musical elements draw you further to a melancholic conclusion. We can’t wait to see what mysterious new projects DaviT will have for us in the future!

Check out “Transmission Me” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Hey DaviT! Can you start by telling our readers a little about your upbringing and your start making music?

I come from a music minded family, at least on my father’s side. Both my father and grandfather were proffessional drummers. So music was a big part of my upbringing. After graduating from the conservatoria in the city of Rotterdam a started my career as a drummer and teacher.

in 2009 a started my own  music education / school rock City Institute, based in the city of Eindhoven.

After 20 years playing drums in a lot of different bands i decided to put my musical focus on compossing and producing my own tracks.

So in the winter of 2017 a started to record several tracks that resulted in my first EP “Transister".

Who are your musical influences? How do they inspire your writing?

A love to listen to music and my taste evolved over the years. Now i’m mostly listen to instrumental music going from ambient tracks to more classical oriented tracks.

I’m a sucker for harmony and melody and trying to incorporate this into my tracks as well.

When i write, a lot of this is still trail and error and i am trying to be so productive as possible. Trying to be in a creative flow and not thinking to much about the outcome is the best scenario for me. 


Also limitations are the best thing that happened to me. In the beginning of this year 

i started out making short one take jams using only my small 5u moon modular. Trying to make some harmonic and melodic content using only three voices on the modular was daunting but a lot of fun, check my youtube channel!

What’s the meaning behind “Transmission Me”?

Transmission Me concerns the critical approach of a part of the society on people who are on the fringes of society.  While everyone might befall this easy. A strong message to a world of many quick decisions without knowledge of the facts

What theme do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Difficult question, because every one can interpret this in a different way. My music  breathes (heavily) a dark ,warm ambient atmosphere created with real analog synth’s. Most of my tracks have definitely a cinematic tension to it .

What can we expect next from you?

On July 18 the album Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack Remixes) will be released with a remix that I made of Bill Kiley's soundtrack SILHOUETTE.

At the beginning of summer 2019 also a track by me will appear on the compilation album in honor of the four-year anniversary of my label Wic Recordings.

And at the end of this year i’m going to release my second EP


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