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Dawid Ziemba Takes You Back In Time With “Born, Raised Then Die”

Born in Poland and Made in England, Dawid Ziemba is a passionate singer-songwriter whose multi-instrumentalist skills aid in his solo performances. His influences are from the 1960's and 1970's.

We took a listen to “Born, Raised Then Die” off his album “Born, Raised Then Die” and this single had an augmented vocal delivery that remained relaxed and settles. The vibes of this track were transporting us into a vintage era thanks to the transcending production and the antique-like melodies. It had this slight baroque appeal, very detailed and ornate in style. The superabundant and bombastic arrangement of “Born, Raised Then Die” created a booming storyline for the listener to follow with. I’m just personally a big fan of how I can simply sit, listen, and escape my day to day stress and thoughts. It’s easy for the listener to get lost in this classic track. I love the polish aesthetic of Dawid’s vocal articulation. It’s neat due to how it presents a slight cultural look to his music. There are many great elements to “Born, Raised Then Die” that will transform you into a fan!

Check out "Born, Raised Then Die" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Dawid Ziemba. How was it growing up in England? In what ways has your background influenced your style of music?

It was great. I moved here when I was 9 years old, back in 2007. We arrived before the crash happened, but we didn't care about it too much as even with the economical downfall, live in England was much better then back home. The influence of my motherland is presented in many forms, but musically it can all be heavily seen through the influence from legendary Polish bands such as Dzem and Perfect (look them up if you want, they're real good). I write songs from the heart, with whatever current idea I have in my mind. If it's a ballad, if it's a rocker, if its a funk-track or a jazz-track - whatever it is, it comes from a personal space.

Who are some specific artists from the ’60s and 70’s you acquired most of your inspiration from?

Easily Bob Seger wins the spot. Rory Gallagher, Queen, Meatloaf, Billy Joel and Elton John also top the charts for me. The Hollies, Beatles and Elvis Presley are my 60's inspiration.

Let’s talk about your music! What’s the major theme behind your album “Born, Raised Then Die”?

The major theme behind this EP is songs about life. This project represents the circle of life, with each song entailing a different emotion and story. Some are more personal then others, some are more darker then others, but all tell a tale that most people can relate with. From a lot of love, to failing dreams, to sad realities and regret, all the emotions that make us human are perceived in this album in one way or another - I think.

What song off this project do you feel best represents the album’s theme?

The title track - without a doubt. It's a sweet story about birth, growing up and dying with your family and friends by your side. With entanglements of political displease, heart-break, education and career. I'm very proud of this song.

What’s next for you Dawid Ziemba?

Currently, I'm in a brilliant, new jazz-funk band called The Victims (although the name is to be officiated). This project is extraodinary, with music that I feel might stand a chance to bring something new to the world. Otherwise, as a solo artists, I'm planning on recording and releasing my 2nd EP, sometime before November, entitled - 'The Murder Of A Piano'.


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