“Day By Day” by Steve John Has Swept Us Off Our Feet

Steve John is a musician currently writing, recording and producing in London, Ontario, Canada who is originally from the small town of Owen Sound, Ontario. With beautiful layers of melodic guitar, silky smooth bass lines and a singing voice that is unforgettable, Steve is influenced by a wide variety of music. Focusing on personal hardships that we go through every day such as battles with our mental health and finding our own purpose in this world when writing. Steve is sure to keep you intrigued with his unique and wholesome sound, no matter if you’re dancing along with his R&B grooves or contemplating life with his stripped back Folk melodies.

I am in LOVE with the sound of "Day By Day". The guitar is fresh, lively and each chord is so methodically played with style, and it blends with the bass line so smoothly. I cannot get enough of Steve’s voice, with remnants if John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty just flowing so crisply with the melodies. There are so many layers with different aspects that need consideration and time – as the first time through listening to this song you are sure to miss part. Each time I’ve listened to this tune, a new part jumps out to me like the keyboard like sounds that are so subtle in the background, or the harmonies that are sprinkled on top of Steve’s luscious voice. If you are in the need of an uplifting song then look no further, cause the lyrics of "Day By Day" are sure to pick you up and dust you off sending you off feeling more relaxed and with a better outlook on the day ahead. Start off the mornings with a classic tune like this one and your day is sure to be brighter. Keep your eyes out for Steve John, cause this artist is definitely on the rise and is going to be at the top.

Give a listen to "Day By Day" here, and get to know Steve John better through the artists exclusive interview below!

Hey Steve! Fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself