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“Day By Day” by Steve John Has Swept Us Off Our Feet

Steve John is a musician currently writing, recording and producing in London, Ontario, Canada who is originally from the small town of Owen Sound, Ontario. With beautiful layers of melodic guitar, silky smooth bass lines and a singing voice that is unforgettable, Steve is influenced by a wide variety of music. Focusing on personal hardships that we go through every day such as battles with our mental health and finding our own purpose in this world when writing. Steve is sure to keep you intrigued with his unique and wholesome sound, no matter if you’re dancing along with his R&B grooves or contemplating life with his stripped back Folk melodies.

I am in LOVE with the sound of "Day By Day". The guitar is fresh, lively and each chord is so methodically played with style, and it blends with the bass line so smoothly. I cannot get enough of Steve’s voice, with remnants if John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty just flowing so crisply with the melodies. There are so many layers with different aspects that need consideration and time – as the first time through listening to this song you are sure to miss part. Each time I’ve listened to this tune, a new part jumps out to me like the keyboard like sounds that are so subtle in the background, or the harmonies that are sprinkled on top of Steve’s luscious voice. If you are in the need of an uplifting song then look no further, cause the lyrics of "Day By Day" are sure to pick you up and dust you off sending you off feeling more relaxed and with a better outlook on the day ahead. Start off the mornings with a classic tune like this one and your day is sure to be brighter. Keep your eyes out for Steve John, cause this artist is definitely on the rise and is going to be at the top.

Give a listen to "Day By Day" here, and get to know Steve John better through the artists exclusive interview below!

Hey Steve! Fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! I am a 22 year old singer songwriter originally from Owen Sound, Ontario Canada. After high school I moved to London, Ontario to take Music Industry Arts and then later Audio Post Production at Fanshawe College. Since graduating I have started to self produce and record my own music while living and working in London.

How did you find your passion for music and how do you keep that passion going?

I was raised in a Christian household where we went to church every Sunday and then probably 2-3 other days in the week after school, so I was always surrounded by the music there. At one point in my life I was the frontman of my church’s youth “Praise Team”. My family also helped as my parents enrolled me in piano and guitar lessons, while my brother and sister were always there to sing along with me. I was also in multiple school Jazz Bands and community ensembles as a saxophonist.

However it wasn’t until I arrived at Fanshawe for Music Industry Arts that I really found a “Passion” for music. Being surrounded by so many positive like-minded people while learning every aspect of the modern music industry was an amazing experience that I miss. Since graduation I have started to record some of the songs I’ve written and released them under the name "Steven John". I have also had the pleasure with working with my friend Samuel Sun as my Production Partner. I met Sam In school and he has Co-produced, Mixed and Mastered all of the songs i’ve released so far. I’m always writing new songs for us to work on so that’s keeping the Passion going at the moment.

What inspired you to create the exceptional sound found in “Day by Day”?

When producing this one I drew a lot of inspiration from the artists I was listening to at the time. So for example the octave doubling on the electric guitar near the end of the song was something I tried because I was listening to Tash Sultana a lot,  and that effect is heard in some of her songs. There’s a Toronto based Producer named Verzache, that I can’t get enough of, and a lot of his songs are acoustic instrument based. So that's why I went with the acoustic guitar. When brainstorming what keys and synth sounds to use, Sam and I will listen to Snarky Puppy or FKJ for some pointers.

What is the meaning behind “Day by Day” and did you have any challenges while writing it?

Day by Day is about dealing with daily struggles with mental health. I wrote it just after a pretty dark time in my life and it seemed like everyone I turned to for help kept telling me that things would just get better with time, which I hated. Eventually I conformed but one concept that kind of stuck in my head which was just to take things one day at a time. However that doesn’t really sound catchy so Day by Day worked better in terms of song lyrics. After the song was written lyrically Sam and I hit a snag writing the MIDI drums for the production. With neither of us being drummers we were struggling to find the right groove for the song. In the end we reached out to our classmate Gabe Beneteau to write some midi drums for us, and then had our friends Morgan Dunbar and Jesse Shafer play and record them live.

What new and exciting things can we expect from you in 2019?

Well I have a lot of music coming out this year and I’m going to try and release something every month or so. I am also going to try and start playing some open mics and live shows in the Owen Sound and London area this Summer/Fall, So stay tuned for that! Follow me on my Social Media to stay up to date on me!


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