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Days Of Lavender Gives Us “My Wintertime”

Days of Lavender has quickly become a household name in the dreamy electronic music scene. The duo of Stephen Clarke and Daniela Mae combines their love for different musical genres to create a psychedelic sound that takes listeners on a meditative journey. Their inspiration comes from a mix of 80s synth pop, electronica, gospel, and orchestral music, evident in their latest single, "My Wintertime."

"My Wintertime" is a slow-burning track that immediately draws you in with its haunting melody and ethereal sound. The song's opening line, "You look good in gold," sets the tone for the rest of the track, as it touches upon the idea that even amid winter's cold, there is always something warm and beautiful to be found. The lyrics are poetic and thought-provoking, with lines like "Maybe I have to follow where the wind will blow" and "Don't you doubt about the grey in your hair," adding depth to the song's meaning.

The track opens with a sparse arrangement of twinkling synths and a subdued drumbeat that sets the mood for the introspective journey ahead. As the song progresses, the instrumentation builds and evolves, introducing new layers of sound and texture that create a sense of depth and complexity. The vocals, delivered with a sense of vulnerability and sincerity, float above the music, adding to the dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere of the song.

The arrangement of "My Wintertime" perfectly matches its introspective lyrics. The use of layered synths, intricate percussion, and atmospheric production creates a sonic landscape that is both expansive and intimate. Daniela Mae's vocals are equally impressive, with her ability to easily deliver emotive and honest lyrics.

"My Wintertime" is a stunning track that showcases Days of Lavender's unique blend of musical influences. The song has a nostalgic feel reminiscent of 80s synth-pop while still managing to sound modern and fresh. The duo's dedication to their craft is evident in their attention to detail, from the arrangement to the lyrics, making them a formidable force in the dreamy electronic music scene.

Days of Lavender's "My Wintertime" is a beautiful track that showcases their unique sound and dedication to their craft. The duo's blend of musical influences, poetic lyrics, and atmospheric production creates an introspective and expansive sonic experience. As they continue to grow and release new music, it is clear that Days of Lavender is a duo to watch in the dreamy electronic music scene.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Days of Lavender! Cheers to your new dreamscape release with "My Wintertime," which has a nostalgic feel reminiscent of 80s synth-pop. Was that intentional, and how did you create that specific sound for the song?

Stephen: Thanks so much! Yes, it was intentional. We love exploring the interplay between soft dreamy soundscapes and punchy 80s synths in our music. We first started with the driving synth line with a sort of beach-at-sunset feel. We had been using that chord progression in our live sets for about a year but knew we wanted to remix it into a song at some point. My Wintertime was a great song for it because it's at once vulnerable and triumphant.

The lyrics in "My Wintertime" emphasize following where the wind will blow. Can you share a personal experience that inspired those lyrics and how they relate to the overall theme of the song? Daniela: When I turned 28, I was living alone in the middle of the pandemic, and in my solitude, I started to fixate on the smallest signs of aging. I was sad and stressed out about the state of the world, and I felt like my newly emerging wrinkles were a sign that my body was starting to fail me. I thought maybe I'd never get to do all the things I assumed I would do before I turned 30. As we all do, I'm still dealing with insecurities, but I'm learning to let go. I grew up in Ottawa and am very familiar with harsh winters. I remember walking to school, fighting the wind to get where I was going. But when it comes to navigating my way through life, sometimes it's not about fighting it but relinquishing control and going wherever the wind takes me. The EP "Mary's Garden" is dedicated to Stephen's grandmother. Can you talk about how she influenced your music and if a specific track on the EP pays homage to her? Stephen: Well, for starters, we rehearse in her basement, which has been a huge help logistically for the band. She's always been very moved by music. I remember she used to take me to the symphony growing up. She's also an artist and has this incredible garden, which is the main inspiration for the EP and title track "Mary's Garden." Seeing her have a creative outlet she can always pour herself into is inspiring. She has done that with her garden, and now I'm doing that with music. "My Wintertime" is a slow-burning track that builds into a crescendo of layered synths and intricate percussion. How do you approach creating the arrangement for your songs, and what was the process like for this particular track? Stephen: Regarding writing and arranging, we try to stay open to inspiration everywhere. Often we'll be on an outdoor adventure somewhere, and some theme, story, or melody will appear. Then, it becomes our job to follow it to see where it goes. We try to allow the song to tell us what it wants to do rather than the other way around. We had already used the beat in this track in our set for about a year before shaping it into a full song. We let Daniela improvise and let her subconscious fill in the blanks to get a melody. Then it was just about adding fun, supportive elements until it felt complete and uniquely Days of Lavender. What are your plans for future releases with the success of "My Wintertime" and your other tracks? Can you give any hints or teasers about what fans can expect next from Days of Lavender? Daniela: Our 4-song EP 'Mary's Garden,' which will include "My Wintertime," will be released May 3rd, 2023. Then, we will be in Toronto to write and perform as much as possible in May. This past weekend, we went on a writing retreat to Salt Spring Island, came up with the concept for our next short album, and sketched out ideas for about 4 new songs. So there are a lot of fun directions we're excited to go in. We have also developed the concept for a meditation/yoga set where Daniela, who is a yoga instructor, will teach some mindful movement. At the same time, Stephen plays the live set we created together. On April 22nd, we'll be hosting an event called "InnerSpace," featuring live painting, a healing workshop, vendors, dancing, and our live set! Lots of fun stuff on the horizon, so we hope you and your readers will follow along for the ride!


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