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Dead in Shibuya Soaks Us in Lust With Their Single, "Betty is a Lovechild"

Known as the alt-rock Frankenstein soaked in static, the versatile duo Dead in Shibuya releases their third single entitled "Betty is a Lovechild."

Created to keep its members sane, Dead in Shibuya saw their inception during the heat of lockdown. Spreading positive through their crackling instrumentals and electronic approaches, Joe Denny (vocals) and Sam Barker (bass) are gripping our souls now more than ever.

Through their heated release, "Betty is a Lovechild," Dead in Shibuya powers through with incredible stamina through this industrial-tinged track surrounding lust and Hollywood's vampires. While blending the hard edges of rock with electronic music's danceability, Dead in Shibuya takes us into a 90s action movie vibe through the powerful lyricism and equally compelling sonics.

Listening to "Betty is a Lovechild," the track opens with a pulsating kick and Joe Denny's Alex Turner-like vocals, drenched in lust and sensuality. While the instrumentals begin to offer this heated blend of alt-rock and electronic, Joe Denny jumps into the exhilarating chorus and stomps along with Sam Barker's gripping bassline.

While the boys continue their heated venture through this plucky and sultry tune, Joe Denny truly makes the experience all the more engaging through his powerful and highly passionate vocal stylings. Sam Barker's intense bassline keeps the track moving with energy. He takes the song to the outro with the utmost power and desire.

Find Dead in Shibuya's third released single, "Betty is a Lovechild," on all digital streaming platforms, and get to know the powerhouse sounds of Dead in Shibuya as they pierce through 2021 with force.

We're head over heels for such a sultry and passionate tune like "Betty is a Lovechild." What inspired this song's creation?

We’re both big into rock music and really always have been. We grew up listening to bands like Green Day and My Chemical Romance- and that era of rock is still a big inspiration to this day.

But Joe, our singer, also has a massive love for alternative RnB and singer-songwriters- so anything we write is going to take inspiration from that too. Artists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and then Alt-Pop artists like Billie Eilish.

Betty was us wanting to blend these two worlds, keeping our hard jagged rock edge, but making sure those alternative pop melodies and passions really came across in the lyrics and vocals.

What was your creative process like for "Betty is a Lovechild" when merging the likes of alt-rock and electronic to make for such a lustful and sensual experience?

We’d been listening to Outkast the night previously, just sending links over to each other about how great their aesthetics and songwriting are. That led to Joe finding this beat made by XYZ which really hit a similar spot to them. It’s dark and pulsating- with a feeling of danger and excitement to it. He wrote the first verse and chorus melody line over that and the core of the track was there.

I added the basis of the lyrics onto that- taking inspiration, especially from the movie Blade. They always used to show that movie at like 8 pm on a Sunday night back in the 00s. It’s such a nostalgic memory of these vampires fighting to the death over a techno soundtrack. It’s always been one of Joe’s favorite films so it was written with him in mind. It also just clicked into that beat really well.

We went back and forth honing the lyrics and music, adding in little elements like the bass guitar and the harmony ideas- and eventually, we’d crafted Betty.

How did you want your audience to react and feel after listening to your desirous lyricism within "Betty is a Lovechild"?

I think the song’s supposed to make you feel cool. It’s like a soundtrack to a night walk, smoking cigarettes, and losing yourself in the city. It’s quite a paranoid track so we want to kind of tap into that sense of isolation you can get in dense concrete environments. But it also has that edge of Hollywood and drama that gives it a kind of playfulness, and sense of humor almost.

Could you tell us more about your debut album "Night Machine," set to release this year?

Night Machine is something we’re really proud of. We’ve spoken a bit about these different influences we have- how we’re trying to blend rock, pop, alt RnB. Night Machine is that but really maximized. So we’re bringing in genres like Pop Punk, Metal, Piano work. It’s really a celebration of all the music we loved growing up and all the music we’re interacting with and enjoying now. We hope if people dig Betty they’ll enjoy it too.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

At the moment, with the state of the world, as it is, it’s mainly trying to create something positive for the world. When times are tough like this it can often make you realize what you really value in the world. For us, it definitely made us even more thankful for all the music that inspires us- and if we can push out some love and joy into the world to help others, that’s definitely an inspiring thought.



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