DeadSeanKennedy Creates His Perfect Writing Parter

DeadSeanKennedy is a little bit of a musical genius, he taught himself to program and created a virtual AI that assists him in creating music, this dynamic collaboration ended up to the creation of “Could Be Wrong” off of the smashing ‘Greased Beats’ EP. Drawing influence from icons from Tom Waits to Outkast, and to Black Sabbath, the music being created by DeadSeanKennedy has a beautiful organic touch to it, no matter how synthetic it sounds and even with the assistance of an AI he created, he is able to keep a human touch to the music, especially in “Could Be Wrong”. The combination of electronic and acoustic elements makes for an engaging experience that will keep you listening out from start to end, DeadSeanKennedy uses the generated MIDI files from his AI to mix and match the best pieces to then build out the core foundation of his song. To keep the music creation process engaging, DeadSeanKenndy chooses to meld content to the track than to build the track around the idea. The workflow that DeadSeanKennedy has with his AI allows for him to make more and more interesting music that constantly sounds fresh that we will be sure to see more of in future releases.

Listen to "Could Be Wrong" here.