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Dear Banshee Overtakes “Rehoboam”

Dear Banshee, an intriguing quintet hailing from the Bay Area, has emerged as a fighting force in independent rock. Their sound, a distinctive fusion of alternative rock and ambient and electronic elements, crafts expansive, emotional sonic landscapes that redefine the traditional boundaries of the genre. Banshee isn't content to tiptoe over the established norms; they dive headfirst into experimentation. Their latest full-length album, 'Wake of Modern Life,' is a testament to their bold pursuit of novel sound aesthetics.

One particular song that showcases their innovative spirit is 'Rehoboam.' It's a harmonious blend that evokes the sensation of a Radiohead and UNKLE collab, wrapped in a nursery blanket of nostalgic trip-hop vibes harking back to the late 90s and early 2000s. The beat is simultaneously eerie and chill, setting the stage for a musical journey that invites introspection and challenges complacency.

The song's narrative is initiated with the cryptic chant, "We are many, they are few," and this becomes the backbone of 'Rehoboam.' Punctuated with the accompaniment of a ghostly voice reminiscent of Thom Yorke, the song conjures an atmosphere of rebellion against societal injustice. Thematically, it transcends the murky depths of corruption, crafting a captivating call to arms against oppression.

The drums, the song's heart, provide a robust, lush rhythm that accentuates and shapes the ambiance. Delicate piano melodies, layered electronic beats, and swirling guitar riffs add depth to the sonic tapestry, leading to a fully realized auditory landscape. This sonic amalgam has a certain hypnotic quality that is hard to resist. Each element is delicately interwoven, creating a harmonious resonance that paints a vivid, atmospheric world.

The intricacy behind the strings' incorporation lies in their subtlety; they don't overwhelm but rather enhance, adding another layer to the already rich sonic landscape. They ebb and flow, swelling at moments of intensity and receding into the melody when the focus shifts to other elements. Their interplay with the percussive beats and electronic nuances creates a fascinating aural tapestry that keeps the listener engaged and intrigued.

'Rehoboam' undeniably, positions Dear Banshee as a trailblazer in their field. Invigorating listening leaves us excitedly anticipating the group's future endeavors. Stay tuned. Their music is set to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Sail away with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dear Banshee! A round of applause to the uprising with your latest single, 'Rehoboam,' which is quite an unusual name. Could you share the story or inspiration behind choosing this particular name for your song?

Thank you! Yeah, sure! I spent a lot of time during the pandemic watching a lot of TV, like many of us, and 'Rehoboam' is taken from the show "Westworld." I liked how the name sounded. The way it was used in the show was a perfect fit considering the song's subject matter.

'Rehoboam' is marked by its unique blend of eerie atmosphere and rhythmic organic instruments. Can you describe your process of crafting these distinct sounds and how you ensured they complimented the overarching theme of 'Rehoboam?'

We spent a lot of time during the recording process trying out different sounds. What you hear on Rehoboam is guitar and synth mixed with a string arrangement performed by Karina Garrett. The hardest part was arranging Chelsea's and my vocals, but it came out great. The opening chant of "we are many, they are few" in 'Rehoboam' is a powerful message against oppression. Can you elaborate on the concept behind this lyric and how it shaped the song's direction?

The song's first lines are taken from the poem "Masquerade of Anarchy" by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It's about unjust forms of authority. You could say the song's about worldwide political unrest, but I try to be very vague with my lyrics, leaving them open to interpretation. The music video for 'Rehoboam' has an intriguing visual aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the song's mood. Can you walk us through your vision for the video and how it enhances the interpretation of 'Rehoboam'?

The artist bDwS made the video. Andy Markantonatos, who did our last animated video for our 2020 single "Plagued," referred me to them. Rehoboam's video was made entirely from repurposed materials and uses practical effects. The video's message is that we must strive to be more sustainable daily. bDwS did an amazing job on the video, and I hope their work gets a lot more recognition now. 'Rehoboam' showcases your innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music. How will the ethos and artistic decisions behind 'Rehoboam' influence your future projects? What direction do you see Dear Banshee moving in the next phase of your musical journey?

Our direction is unclear at the moment. We spent the last two years in the studio and played some of these songs live post-pandemic to develop them. After that, our creativity felt drained, but we always enjoy messing around at rehearsals with new ideas. Our main priority is to figure out how to play some of these songs live with various equipment and groups of people. They will come across differently live but still have the same vibe you hear on the album.


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