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Dear Quinton Wants You To Be His "Fo' Eva Thang"

Have you ever found yourself in dire need of a vibe-worthy, stimulating R&B-inspired soundscape? This kind of craving is one that Dear Quinton is pretty familiar with, and he's taken it upon himself to generate music that not only satiates this desire but expands the boundaries of what listeners think they're wanting in such a track.

In general, Dear Quinton crafts music that offers an incredible vibe, one that is multifaceted in itself and exudes a clear sense of quality. He isn't afraid of experimentation within his sound and he has a succinct vision for what the future holds for his malleable sound.

Dear Quinton exceeds expectations with his latest song offering, titled "Fo' Eva Thang." Sit back, relax and close your eyes whilst experiencing the true elements of Dear Quinton and all his artistry has to offer within "Fo' Eva Thang." He gifts listeners an intimate soundscape right from the start, which sets a deep, dark and sultry wave for listeners to ride all the way until the end of the song.

The smooth, carefree beat pairs perfectly with Dear Quinton's low-key vocal delivery. Dear Quinton serenades his listeners into this deep, vivacious hypnosis, which sets a very particular, vibe-worthy mood for the duration of the track.

With phenomenal sonic fusions and a thoughtful vocal performance on Dear Quinton's end, "Fo' Eva Thang" was able to capture a real quality r&b essence that solidifies Dear Quinton's spot in the music ring. We're excited to see where his talents will take him next, and specifically what his artistry will inspire with the time to come.

Thank you for joining us to chat about your recent single release, "Fo' Eva Thang." Was there a certain moment where you realized you had all the necessary inspiration for the creation of this song? Thanks for having me! The inspiration for “FO’ EVA THANG” comes from 90s R&B nostalgia. Aaliyahs music had finally been released on streaming platforms after years of being held by the public after her death, that was the moment I knew I wanted to make this song. Maybe subconsciously in homage to her. One of my favorite artists. I love her style in everything she does. We absolutely love the underground-like energy that gets propelled throughout "Fo' Eva Thang." Can you describe the specific atmosphere you were hoping to create with the production in "Fo' Eva Thang"? Thank you! I knew I wanted the song to be simple. Simple harmonies, with accents of live instrumentation. I also knew that I wanted this song to be a song that you could take bubbles baths too, or light a candle to, or have a glass of wine too…we get so caught up in life and love so I wanted this song to act as sort of a remedy to the stresses of every day. Did you go into the writing and recording process of "Fo' Eva Thang" with a certain thought in mind regarding how you wanted your audience to vibe with the track? Absolutely. While I was recording it and we were listening back, I turned off the lights. That’s exactly what I want for the listener, turn off the lights and sit with yourself or a S/O and vibe. What has been the most rewarding experience out of your career as a music artist thus far? Aside from seeing the emotion people get from my tunes, making the music itself and getting better across the board is the most rewarding to me. It’s cool to get play-listed and perform too! What's next for you? We’re currently working on the next single, which will be a fun one!


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