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Dearquinton Unshackles A Hit Equipped With A Great Message And Killer Flow

Dearquinton unleashed a new single to the world titled “On My Mind”. “On My Mind” is a vibe with great lyrical substance that is relatable and offers support for universal youth experiences. Dearquinton delivers a clean-executed flow with a great transition in verses that showcases his versatility as a rapper and storyteller. One of our favorite moments in “On My Mind” is when Dearquinton includes a vocal melody with his rap bars. The song bounces right back to spitting with detailed wordplay that is thought-provoking and meaningful. “On My Mind” also has a great hook with an infectious melody. The sonic effect is captivating. The hook becomes intertwined with listeners complex social memories. Dearquinton is an intricate rapper whose music blurs the lines between hip-hop, pop, and even R&B, with a diverse number of strong influences. This permits his personality to shine through his songs. “On My Mind” showcases the various dimensions of Dearquinton artistry, from his skillful rap bars to his soulful vocal mix. “On My Mind” is an incredible single with an addictive production that’s going to get a generation hooked on Dearquinton.

Listen to “On My Mind” by Dearquinton here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DearQuinton! We are grateful for your personal touches to traditional R&B and hip-hop songs. Can you tell us about your creative process for “On My Mind?” 

Thank you so much for having me! “On My Mind” is obviously about a break up. Which is what I was going through at the time of writing this. But Instead of wallowing in sadness, I wanted to write a song that celebrates all the lessons and strengths gained from heartbreak. I am a better person after having gone through heartbreak and that’s what this song is about. “You ain’t on my mind..” because I’m focusing on me now. Getting ME back. 

We know you are inspired by multiple famous musicians including Kenny G, Sade, Jay Z, Glass Animals, and Foster the People. These artists come from different genres, can you elaborate on how they influence the music you create?

Firstly, I’m a fan of music as a whole - no matter the artist or genre. Each of these artists specifically have something I want to incorporate within my sound. For example, the lyricism of JayZ, the smooth feeling you get when you hear a Sade song, or the use of experimental instrumentation with Glass Animals and Foster The People.  These are all elements I pull from to create my own sound. I’m a MAD SCIENTIST. 

What are some major goals you have as an artist? How have you been working towards these goals so far?

Id like to do a song with Lady Gaga or Solange. I’ve always wanted to. They’re my muses. That’s a huge goal of mine. In order to get there, I’ve been working on perfecting my live shows, learning to play instruments, and rehearsing my ass off.  

We were happy to have you on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us what we can expect to see from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming shows or releases? 

As I’m typing this I’m literally walking off stage EXHAUSTED. I’m currently in the process of filming a new music video for my new song coming out later this month! Super excited about that. To stay up to date with when my next show will be feel free to shoot me a follow @dearquintonmusic! I respond to EVERYTHING! 


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