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Death by Piano Is Haunted By A Past Love On “Vow”

Be careful not to lose yourself in the pursuit of love.

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Led by the visionary Brooklyn-based singer-producer KALEN, Death By Piano has emerged as a groundbreaking force in the live electronic darkwave music scene.

The diverse band's electrifying performances captivate audiences with a seamless fusion of music, movement, and visuals. With their post-pandemic resurgence nothing short of remarkable, this talented outfit looks to capitalize on their steadily building momentum.

With an explosive return marked by a triumphant sold-out show at NuBlu in New York City's Lower East Side, Death By Piano is eager to continue blazing its trails in the music scene.

Poised to take the stage as headliners at Brooklyn’s Sultan Room, Death By Piano looks to make an emphatic statement to coincide with the release of their highly anticipated project, ‘THE VOW EP.’ With their latest acts channeling feelings of ceremony, myth, and feminist power, brought to life through the transcendent power of music, one thing is for certain. This is going to be one wildly entertaining ride.

The first thing you notice on Death By Piano’s latest release, “Vow,” is distinct and confident keyboard play. Nonetheless, the opening instrumental salvo has an almost ominous and sinister feel, compounded by the defiant yet haunting vocal performance that follows.

This feeling is maintained for the entire release, and as a mysterious female voice sings, “You have changed me,” it feels like you’ve delved into an emotional graveyard. As “Vow” ends, there’s a distinct feeling of waking up from a dream, a testament to the immersive soundscapes Death By Piano creates.

As Death By Piano continues to redefine the live music experience and music in general, one thing is clear: they are more than just a band—they are storytellers, visionaries, and advocates for the transformative power of art in all its forms.


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