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Death Ed Came Out With "In Fat City" + Exclusive Interview With Quirky Band!

Death Ed is a Rock band from New Orleans, LA and we are about it! The band has been around for a bit now, releasing two EP's, two full-length albums and now they bring us a new single “In Fat City”

This song has it all from what you’d seek out in a raw Rock song, as well as bringing some alternative Punk influence. The song starts with a ripping guitar riff that is reminiscent of the Misfits and is coupled with Rock N Roll vocal performances. Lyrics and melodies in this track are fat, full of life and attitude. The riff and overall melodies of the track “In Fat city” are enough to help you sing along by the second verse and it’s always nice when great Rock music can do that for you. It’s as if these guys know the sound and also know how to write a contemporary Rock song. The song definitely showcases the bands' experience of a group who have been around since 2015 but do have a vast history of being key players in the Rock N Roll scene in New Orleans. 

Make sure to keep up to date with Death Ed and see them live when possible!

Discover Death Ed & their music here.


Thanks for being with us today at Buzz Music Death Ed.! We've noticed that two of you share the same last name! Assuming you are brothers, what is that dynamic like of being in a band together?

Steve: Well Chuck and I have been friends and bandmates forever which means Brad has known Chuck most of his life. Brad joining the band felt very natural and both he and Chuck have a real feel for the way I write songs, so fleshing them out together comes easily.

How do you find being from New Orleans has had an impact on your sound and careers in the industry?

Chuck: I don’t think being from Nola has impacted our sound at all, and we feel that it has actually hindered our career in a way because when most people think of New Orleans music, they immediately assume it is jazz or zydeco. Others who are a little more in the know, are expecting something really heavy like Down or Exhorder (who we do like by the way). Then we come along with music that is full of clever lyrics and great melodies, but also still heavy rock and roll…I guess it confuses people.

We really enjoyed listening to your song "In Fat City". Can you tell us a bit about how the song came about and the inspiration behind it?

Steve: This one is easy. Fat City is a section of town a few miles outside of New Orleans proper. It used to be a string of cool bars where bands would play, people would drink, brawl and engage in all other types of debauchery. A few years ago, one of our newly elected councilmen decided it was time to clean up Fat City. They closed all the barrooms and turned them into mini strip malls, slapping a few coats of paint on everything. The place has lost all of its former charms and the song is a homage to its heyday.

Is there any influence of the Misfits in your sound? Specifically the Danzig era? 

Steve: Funny, I get asked questions like this all the time and the answer is no. Chuck and I used to play in a band called The Pests (where I also was the songwriter) and people would always ask about my punk influences. I grew up listening to the Beatles, Motley Crue and a bunch of other 80s metal and pop…seventies stuff too. Later I got into Peter Gabriel and Frank Black. While I do enjoy listening to some of the punk stuff these days, I cannot really say it was an influence on my writing style or the band’s sound. I have honestly never been able to pinpoint where the sound came from (for any of my previous bands either).

What's next for Death Ed?

Chuck: Steve writes nonstop, so we have plenty of material for future albums. We never know exactly what he is going to come up with next, but so far, we have had a pattern of putting out a 4-song EP, followed by an 8-song full-length album…we have done this twice now. “In Fat City” is the latest 8-song full length, so I would be on the lookout for a 4-song EP next. Also, we miss the road. We travelled around the country quite a bit with The Pests, but so far Death Ed. has stayed in Nola. We would love to hook up with a couple of other bands and at least do some regional shows in 2020... After that, who knows?!



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