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DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE: "Beyond" by 2 Shot Sherry

2 Shot Sherry is giving us music that is a new kind of contemporary/R&B sound we haven't heard yet! 2 Shot Sherry creates music that is authentic for sure, and have a soft and raw tone. The tone of 2 Shot Sherry's voice is dynamic in itself, as the artist gives us sounds that are hard-hitting in their own mellow way. The pop elements integrated within 2 Shot Sherry's music is what gives is that vivacious rhythm, setting the overall tone for the production. We're excited to showcase his debut album "Beyond", and incredibly hyped to speak on his first track "All Night". 

Immediately you're captivated by the production of "All Night", and how mystical it will have you feeling. We're entranced by the unique and eclectic voice of 2 Shot Sherry. This artist really knows how to incorporate various vocal dynamics within his music, and we're appreciating the modern and contemporary feel to the music 2 Shot Sherry curates. Giving a more soft execution, "All Night" is the perfect track to start off the album "Beyond". It showcases the distinct artistic abilities of 2 Shot Sherry, and how special the sound of his voice is. 2 Shot Sherry gives a raw sound with his interesting take on modern R&B, and we urge our BuzzMusic listeners to check the track out in order to understand what we truly mean on that!

Discover "All Night" here, and keep scrolling for 2 Shot Sherry's exclusive interview!

Hey 2 Shot Sherry! We're excited to showcase your recent album "Beyond" on our platform! Please tell us how you felt the production of the album went?

I felt it went pretty well overall. There were a lot of setbacks with the production that was out of my hands but everything came together in the end. I produced all the songs myself and got a different engineer to work on the mix for each song. It features some of my talented friends as well and I feel like everyone did a great job in the end. 

"All Night" was an eclectic and contemporary track that we came to love almost immediately! What kind of atmosphere did you intend for your listeners to feel when listening to the track?

I wanted to make a funky song old school song that people can just vibe to. I was really influenced by Daft Punk and Calvin Harris while I was making the beat for this track and everything came together perfectly. My friend Simon, and Liam loved the beat so they decided to rap over it and I feel their rap styles contrast really well with each other. Lastly, I got the song mixed and mastered by a Rory Behr who works with TDE he did and he did an amazing job on bringing the song to life and take it to another level. 

Did you come across any creative blocks when curating "Beyond"?

I’ve only had creative blocks when I was producing the beats. It took me 3 weeks to come up with a bassline for I don’t know and I was working on the beat for On my mind throughout the year. I was ready to release On my mind as a single last year but I didn’t like the lyrics so I scraped the song and rewrote over the beat for this project. 

Who would you say are the most important musical inspirations in your life?

I have a variety of artists and bands that inspire me. But to keep it short I’d say The Weeknd , Miguel, Post Malone, Fall out boy and Denzel curry. I use to be big into metal 5 years ago and listened to Megadeth, BMFV, Children of Bodom, etc… but then I heard The Weeknd’s music and instantly knew I wanted to make music like that.  I’ve also been a big fan of Fall out boy throughout my life and learned how to sing through songs. 

What can we expect to see from you next as an artist?

I plan on dropping some singles in the future, hope to get some more placements and grow my fan base. I plan on dropping some more upbeat music and really trying to find the right sounds for my upcoming projects. 


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