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The Debut Release "Day Dream," From Rewnd Is Not One to Miss out On

Hailing from Los Angeles, is artist-producer duo Rewnd. Rewnd is comprised of Deku and Racayan. Deku is a singer/songwriter who has written for artists globally while following his passion for exploring new places and ideas, meeting people, finding new inspiration for the music. Producer Racayan, who since obtaining a bachelor's in Digital Arts, began working with the hip-hop group Blackalicious. Racayan further grew his production skills, which lead to their debut EP under the name 'Cathartic.' We are pleased to announce the debut release from Rewnd "Day Dream," it's action-packed of high energy and feel good vibes. "Day Dream" is full of elements that keep the heat going. From flavorful chords in characterful synths to a steadily building punchy electronic drum groove that has elements of R&B and Trap, and a beautifully written and performed a vocal performance that is quickly able to call out to your heart and pull you in to hear Rewnd's story. The theme of losing your mind in "Day Dream" is something that many of us will be able to relate to. Too often, events or people come into our lives and suddenly shift our mental focus to only being on that, and Rewnd can perfectly capture that feeling within "Day Dream." 'Cathartic' EP set to release on May 14th, we are genuinely thrilled about it. We can't wait to hear what else Rewnd is putting onto the table. You can discover “Day Dream” here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Rewnd! Congratulations on the debut release “Day Dream” off of your upcoming ‘Cathartic’ EP, what inspired you two to come together and form Rewnd? What is the workflow like together? Thank you! We appreciate you talking to us. Rewnd happened organically, we started with one song and it was such a vibe that it turned into two, then three, and then into a whole EP. The workflow is a very natural process. Creativity gets flowing and we just feed off each other’s energy. It feels almost effortless when we create. Your release “Day Dream” is full of good vibes and good sounds, what was the inspiration behind coming up with this record? What does the song mean for the two of you? Deku:

The inspiration was more so of dreaming of what could go right, but realizing that sometimes the day dream is better than real life. The vibe was imagining that perfect scenario and one's expectation of going into a situation with another individual. We just want people to feel good when they hear the song. Day Dream solidified the project itself, it was the moment we realized we should make an entire EP.


For me, I grew up on 90’s R&B. It’s embedded into my core being, so everything is rooted in that era. With the soundscape of “Day Dream”, it was inspired by what I felt in that moment in time. Having no real expectations, the song manifested into a dream/ feel-good vibe. This song means a lot for me and on the same lines on whatDekusaid, “Day Dream” felt like turning on a light switch. We realized that we have great chemistry and synergy when we create and that it’s only right that we keep ongoing. It’s quite unique to come from two completely different backgrounds, what kinds of influences do each of you have? Are there any idols that you look up to?  Deku:

My influence and background come from a variety of different things. There's no particular idol, I try to listen to a lot of artists and people that I vibe with, which influences me to do my thing. Being into different cultures, I like good stories and movies. A lot of the way I structure my songs come from that. I want my writing to be a cohesive story and that comes from watching movies and television.


As I mentioned earlier, I grew up on 90’s R&B, but also Hip-Hop/Rap music from that era. I would always “borrow” my older cousins’ cassette tapes and just listen to them non stop. Having been exposed to those genres at an early age, it plays a big role of what influences me now. On top of that, I’m influenced by just living. I try to capture the feeling I get when I experience life, whether it be from interactions with people or experiencing various art forms, I draw inspiration from what I felt at that moment. As for my musical idols, I always looked up to people like Quincy Jones, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Rick Rueben, Timbaland, and Jay-Z because of their vision. They always saw a bigger picture. The release “Day Dream” was very exciting to listen to, how does this release compare to the rest of the upcoming EP? How do you want this EP to be perceived by the audience once it’s out? Are there any specific moods you’re going for? We don’t have a particular way we what it to be perceived or a specific mood we were going for, we just want people to feel something from it. The EP is like an open window into our creative minds and our past experiences. We think people will take it in, relate to it, and vibe with EP in a good way. Are there any future plans for 2020?

Make more music. Keep creating vibes. Continue to connect with people. By the way, the "Cathartic" EP is out on all streaming platforms. Check it out!



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