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Debut Single “Can’t Help but Fall” Attracts Attention for Amanda Pappalardo

Southern Californian artist Amanda Pappalardo works as a Singer, Songwriter, and Producer. After growing up with a love of music and graduating from college, she has decided it is time to delve into the music industry and release a song of her own.

Amanda also works in Public Relations, a job that stemmed from her college degree and is another passion of hers.

Amanda Pappalardo’s debut single “Can’t Help but Fall” showcases her talent and spirited lyrics. Her rich and emotion-filled vocals tell the story of falling in love, even if it is not a choice.

Sometimes we fall head over heels for someone without any warning, and “Can’t Help but Fall” reiterates every feeling that comes along with that. Amanda Pappalardo channels the classic and energetic start of an early 2000s movie, with the throwback electric guitar riffs that get your blood pumping and heart soaring. This old school sound is sure to take you back and have you reminiscing good old robust Pop-Rock music. “Can’t Help but Fall” is a refreshing first release, from the spunky vocals to the sedative guitar.

Amanda Pappalardo is excited to see where her career will take her in the future, and after releasing her first single we can’t wait to see how she curates her own unique and exciting sound.

We loved the simplicity in the instrumentation for “Can’t Help but Fall." What was the production process like? Did you produce the song yourself?

The production process on this song was very interesting because I did everything for it myself in my bedroom with almost no equipment. I wanted the song to sound real and raw and I wanted it to be a song that people can belt out in their cars when they just need to let it out. It took a while to get even close to that and I wanted to keep the song simple and to the point in order to get to the real emotion and meaning behind the song.

How did you decide on “Can’t Help but Fall” as your debut single? Were there any other contenders or did “Can’t Help but Fall” speak to you on a larger scale?

I decided to release “Can’t Help but Fall” sort of impulsively actually. I think it’s a song that I personally need to hear right now and I figured if I need to hear it, I’m sure others do as well. So many times we are told by those around us and ourselves that it’s better to not allow ourselves to fall in love or get involved in a relationship. Sometimes, those people tell us those things to make us feel better but it doesn’t. I remember one time specifically, I was at a Guns N Roses concert in Hollywood and a lady at the concert asked me if I had a boyfriend to which I replied no and she proceeded to tell me that it’s for the best and that I should live my life and be independent for as long as I can. She told me all of this to encourage me and make me feel better about my relationship status but it didn’t. I think often we fight to let ourselves fall in love because we don’t want to get hurt and because we let the things people tell us discourage us from it and this song serves as a reminder that it is ok to let yourself fall and that having those emotions makes us human. 

When did you start songwriting? How does the first song you ever wrote compare to the style you have now?

I’ve been songwriting since I was around eight years old but I only started seriously songwriting a couple of years ago. When I was little, I used to make up my own words to songs. “Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen was the first song I remember doing this with. I would make up melodies and lyrics all the time to myself and I would write them all down in a notebook I had but I didn’t play guitar yet so I couldn't put any of them to music. After that I wrote on and off and then I started seriously writing again my freshman year of college. My style has changed a lot from when I first started but it’s still very similar. I grew up on bands like The Beatles, Def Leppard, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, and Journey and I think those influences on my music have always been noticeable and I think they still are. I think I’ve always had my own style of writing but I think it’s a lot more polished and developed now.

Do you have any other exciting projects in the near future? What’s next for your career?

Nothing is set as of right now but I hope to keep creating and putting out new music. I’m constantly writing new songs and coming up with new things so I hope to just keep creating and releasing music that I hope people can relate to and rock out to in their cars.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?

One of my biggest inspirations this year has been the year itself. I feel we’ve all grown and learned so much this year and I think with all the bad things this year has brought, that’s a really positive thing to come out of it. I’ve been writing a lot about what I would want to hear right now and what I know others want to hear and that’s been a very therapeutic experience for me.



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