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DEBUT SINGLE: Clo Releases Her First Alluring Track "Shoot Me Down"

Debuting her first single "Shoot Me Down", Clo is showing the pop music community that she has tons to offer. Clo is the type of female artist that has an assertive and powerful voice to share with her listeners. We feel definitively attracted to the sound of Clo. Her voice is dynamic, filled with such an intense energy that asserts her dominance. Tying in a subtle sultry tune she makes sure to brings to her music, Clo is showcasing that she's an influential and progressive artist that will only continue to make big waves in the music scene. 

The mystery and sultry ambiance pours off of Clo's latest single "Shoot Me Down". You can feel the confidence and power surging through Clo's soft and subtle voice. She provides an atmosphere that is mystical and uplifting. Clo sings "Just shoot me down, I'm not wasting no time with your mixed up signs...too many cries that you can't see, this is the last time" and with her tone, you can easily see she is genuine with her words. Clo's track "Shoot Me Down" is a song that many of us can relate to, especially if you're going through a tricky relationship. As we listen to Clo's song, we can actually feel the sorrow and pain she has gone through, and she captures all of her raw and personal feelings into the track with incredible grace. We appreciate artists who can show their vulnerabilities within their music, true vulnerability, and Clo is able to release all of that into her music. We're looking out for Clo, because if the rest of her music is anything like her debut single, we're going to have a new favorite pop artist! 

Check out Clo's debut single "Shoot Me Down" here, and keep scrolling for our interview with the artist! 

Hey Clo! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're incredibly excited to showcase your debut single "Shoot Me Down". Tell our readers how the music scene has been for you since releasing your track?

Thank you! It is great that you’re showcasing and supporting new artists. As a new artist releasing my first track, I was genuinely just excited to get ‘Shoot Me Down’ out there. The music scene is obviously massive and full of so many talented artists. The fans of your music are incredibly important, and I have found that Instagram is a great way to promote my music and build up a fan base. To some extent the success of your release is somewhat out of your hands. This is because you cannot anticipate whether someone will like or dislike your track. If your music is strong, if you promote it in the right way, then it will be listened to by the music industry. If someone really likes your music and brand, then they will be very supportive and help you on your journey. As an independent artist you need to have great belief in your music, be authentic and resilient.

"Shoot Me Down" was very powerful and assertive. We loved the message behind the track. How was the curation process of the song? Where did you draw your insight from?

I’m glad ‘Shoot Me Down’ connected with you. I was always obsessed with Nancy Sinatra’s track ‘bang, bang, I shot you down’. I also kept on listening to Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ as I really connected to the lyrics and found the chorus mesmerizing. I wanted to create a track that was lyrically dark but empowering and which was musically bold and a fusion of styles. In terms of my process I wrote the lyrics in one morning, then sat at the piano and played around with different chords that felt write. I recorded this on my phone then played it to the producer I was working with. He felt a connection to it, and we went from there.

‘Shoot Me Down’ is about the power play of opposites. I was inspired by the worlds of ‘yin and yang’ from my yoga practice and I wanted to recreate this. ‘Shoot Me Down’ is a journey from sorrow to strength, exploring the difference of perspective between two people and myself. The track fuses vulnerability and empowerment, exploring reaction and action.  

How exciting is it to be releasing your own music?! How has the feedback been on your single so far?

It is very exciting to have released my own music! It is honestly one of the biggest achievements of my life so far. As an independent artist you are the driver of your own music, so to see if flourish is very satisfying.

I have been really taken aback by the feedback from my single so far. Blogs have featured my music and been very complimentary, music industry professionals have supported and like my work, ‘Shoot Me Down’ has been added to exciting playlists on Spotify. What is more ‘Shoot Me Down’ has connected with fans who have joined me on my journey. 

What do you hope to accomplish within the rest of 2019 musically?

Of course, it would be brilliant if ‘Shoot Me Down’ were chosen as the opening soundtrack for a Bond movie! But seriously I would love to see where ‘Shoot Me Down’ takes me. My follow up single is ready to release when the time is right. 

Where would be your dream venue to perform at? Have you ever performed in front of a live audience before?

I love performing in front of a live audience. The O2 Arena would be amazing in terms of scale. For intimacy I would love to perform at ‘Sofar Sounds’ and they have them in every city across the world. Who knows what the future holds, watch this space! 


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