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Debut Single “Jump” From GoodKid Is Filled With Spirit and Resilience

From Phoenix, Arizona, home music maker GoodKid has just dropped debut single “Jump”.

This Rap/Hip-Hop track was crafted by GoodKid and his friend out of a home studio. With whatever they had, they created rousing verses and expressive vocals that will flow right through you and keep you hooked. With the quality and sound of “Jump”, you would never know the song was produced outside of a professional studio.

“Jump” has an insane rhythm and energy to it, with GoodKid firing out verses like there is no tomorrow.

GoodKid tells it like it is, gives his listeners a real talk while they groove to the assertive beat. The liveliness in “Jump” is consistent and exciting, and it is apparent that GoodKid is simply having fun making the music he loves. GoodKid makes use of bold and forceful vocal effects, and vivid lyrics to keep up the energy and keep the listener engaged the entire way through. If you are a fan of upbeat, fiery rap music, “Jump” is sure to be one that sticks out.

The compelling music made by GoodKid comes just from a good idea and a microphone, and we can’t help but admire the simplicity of it.

A song with great energy is quite hard to ignore, and your single “Jump” is full of it. How did you manage to keep the song so lively while recording from your closet?

Well, it's mainly just making everyone feel what I wanted them to feel. I want nothing more than respect and JUMP has that vibe of just “I’m THAT dude” I want nothing more than to be someone worth knowing and I'll be damned if the world refuses to acknowledge that I exist.

Where do you typically draw inspiration from? How did you become inspired to record “Jump” as your first single?

I honestly just draw inspiration from the world around me and at the time everyone at work was freestyling in the parking lot after we clocked out and was playing their music. I just felt that I needed to sort of proving myself to these people who have been making music for years and show what kind of potential I think I have. I know there's alot that I need to do to become better but I was really just fueled by everyone knowing me as this quiet kid but on a track, I could become so much more than what they perceived me as. Shoutout Slim, Chato, and Juan's cause were the main people who pushed me for that.

What made you choose the name GoodKid for your artist name? Does this name hold significance for you?

GoodKid was something my grandma always called me. My mom would talk to my grandma about how I was doing in school and what I was doing growing up. I was always fucking up in school and just not quite measuring up to the people around me, my grandma would always tell my mom that I was a good kid. It was the one thing that always made me feel that no matter how much I wasn't everyone else, I was still trying my best to make everything work for the world that I had around me. 

How did you decide you wanted to make music? Is this something you see yourself doing long term?

I've always been into writing poetry since I was young and it has always been the best outlet for me. I never really liked listening to music until around the age of 15 or sixteen when the whole world kinda crashed around me. From everything happening family-wise to so much other shit going on I needed something to help me through everything, and this was the last thing that I had that was truly mine. I wrote what I needed to help me through all of it and I wrote nonstop. I still have dozens of notebooks throughout high school that I used to write in. They're sort of glimpses of who I used to be and show me how far I've been able to come mental health-wise and generally just skill-wise for how I write my songs. I don't plan on stopping and I'll probably either die doing this or die by it.

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating new music this year?

This year there wasn't really anything that fully pushed me. Jump was recorded late last year when I was working with my boy Habib. He was the one who truly pushed me because he was always wanting to hear something new from me and I always felt like I wanted to make him proud. Almost how a little brother always looks up to the older brother. This track was me trying to bring everything that I had to really make him say "Damn, Kid can really do this." I just want to make everyone proud especially since I've never fully felt like I've lived up to the expectations that were put in front of me. I can never truly be who they want me to be, but I take full pride in becoming who I need to be.



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