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Decipher the Wit Brewing in VX VEGA's Latest Project

VX VEGA is an artist from Los Angeles County who focuses primarily on creating Hip-hop music in many subgenres. His motive for doing so is mainly for self-expression, but VX VEGA also likes to be playful with his releases. Incorporating fun into his tracks makes it, so not every one of his songs carries an underlying meaning. Sometimes it is exactly what it seems to be.

His life as an underprivileged youth plays a bit of a role in his lyrics as well. From not having things he wished he'd had to not even knowing how the next day would pan out for him and his family, VEGA's sound is a mixed bag, so you almost never know what you'll get until you get it.

Tapping into his most recent release for his highly anticipated album, 'CRVXH,' we take our attention to the tenth song featured on this project. "KTA/LEONARDO" submerges you in the murky waters of VX VEGA's dark sound. The lyrical dexterity he flaunts is chalked full of witty quips and abstract phrasing that allows his point to be steered in the direction of each listener.

The hunger that bellows from his unrivaled vocalization has you hanging on to each word he sheds, as the minimalistic instrumentation creates the uncanny framework for the bass to pulsate upon. Colliding with a thesis of empowerment, the lyrics that VX VEGA dives into are vastly direct, with extensive navigation through the intrapersonal layers of his mindset.

Taking away the fierce distinction that immediately makes it known that VX VEGA is about to dominate the track, we can't help but feel amplified with confidence as we take in his musical masterpieces. Shaping his sound by allowing the musical influence of Tyler the Creator and Gucci Mane to inspire his forward progression in conveying a message, we love the manner in which VX VEGA carves out a solidified lane of his own. Giving listeners a taste of what to expect from this album, "KTA/LEONARDO" takes the helm of VX VEGA's ship.

We are excited to chat with you about “KTA/LEONARDO.” With the abstract wording that you use to get your message across, what is the meaning layered into this song?

Well, the full meaning is completely up to the listener because I had a lot going thru my mind during the writing process and it was all a bunch of shit I hate about the different aspects of life.

How long did it take you to create this song? Did anyone help contribute to the heavy-hitting energy we hear portrayed?

It took me about an hour or less to write it, then about an hour to record it, then a total of about 5 hours mixing and mastering it to my liking over the course of several different days because I’d take breaks in between so I wouldn’t lose my sanity over it lol. I did everything except make the beat. The only way anyone else helped/contributed was by being the absolute garbage that I talked about in the song.

What does the album, 'CRVXH,' say about you as an artist?

If I had to guess what this album says about me is that I’m not just a 1-dimensional artist that only makes songs about being cool. But it’s all up to the listener's interpretation.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the collection of songs offered on 'CRVXH?'

I was hoping they’d take away the idea that I can create something with meaning behind it.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have a lot of stuff after that as well. Literally made enough music to go 5 years without ever having to touch a microphone.


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