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Decoda S Is Ready to Heat up Your Spring Season With His New Single “Lambo” Ft. Akeim Takamura

DeCoda S is ready to heat up your spring with his new single “Lambo”. “Lambo” featuring Akeim Takamura was a heavy song that had catchy lyrics and an infectious hook. The hook has this way of getting stuck to your memory and embedded into your brain with its lasting effect and impact. You find yourself replaying the witty hook over again in your brain even when the song is over. “Lambo” has a special quality that’s going to attract a large crowd of listeners. It’s fun, vibrant, and outgoing enough to cater to the youth and be blasted at your local function and turn up. DeCoda S gave “Lambo” this flavorful aesthetic that adds a creative personality to the track. Decoda S was born into a musically inclined family so since his youngin days, he’s always been a skillful artist.

Music is his way for him to artistically express his thoughts and you can tell he does this in “Lambo” by painting a detailed picture with the descriptive lyrics. “Lambo” will certainly have the parties on fire! It’s charisma automatically encourages you to let your hair down and vibe out to the single. Decoda S plans to get signed to a major label soon, and with a hot single like “Lambo”, we’re sure his dreams will become easier to accomplish.

These 2 Hip-Hop artists are definitely ones to watch in 2020.

Listen to "Lambo" on Spotify.



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