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DeDe Kimble Shares Her Thoughts on True Friendship In Her New Single "That's What Friends Do"

February 19, 2020

DeDe Kimble is here to bring warmth, style, and flair to her inspirational pop sound. The Nashville, TN artist studied music at Berklee College of Music where she gained technical skill.  With her education in music, paired with the passion she has for music, DeDe Kimble creates emotionally-driven and heart-warming music that truly touches everyone.  Her latest single, "That's What Friends Do", is the collaboration of writers Kerri Watt and Fraser Watt.  Each artist creates a story about a long-distance friendship all put to music. You can feel the soft, glowing energy that DeDe Kimble emulates with her voice. It's so easy to feel every intended emotion since her music style is so incredibly transparent. Her pitch is balanced, reaching an equilibrium that allows listeners to have an enchanting listening experience. "That's What Friends Do" has a kind of magic to it.  The magic arises partly from the charming and vibrant production, and partly from DeDe’s heartfelt vocal performance. "That's What Friends Do" is your typical pop track hit.  DeDe Kimble brings nostalgia and good intentions with "That's What Friends Do", offering a humble and pleasing atmosphere for many listeners. We can feel her passion buzzing, and so we hope to see more from this ambitious artist in the near future.

Give a listen to DeDe Kimble's latest single "That's What Friends Do" here

Welcome, DeDe Kimble! The release of "That's What Friends Do" recently debuted, so we can only imagine how exciting this time must be for you! How has the feedback on the single been thus far?

The feedback has been amazing! I am so happy with all the love I’ve received. This song was a very special project for me and I love that so many people have been able to find themselves connecting with it as well.

Let's talk about the motivation behind "That's What Friends Do". Can you share with our readers the deeper meaning embedded within this song, and how it holds a sentimental place for you?

I co-wrote this song with Fraser Watt and Kerri Watt. We went into the write throwing a few ideas around, but Kerri had an amazing idea to write a song about a platonic relationship. So many songs in the world exist about lovers between a romantic relationship, but not so many about friendships. I really valued this because my best friend lives in New York. We decided it would be so cool to write about a long-distance relationship between two best friends. My friendship with my BFF is so important to me and even though we now only see each other about once a year, we still talk every day... and have a 961 day Snapchat streak. Fraser, Kerri and I tried to capture the nostalgia, fun, and bittersweet-ness to having a best friend that lives in another state.

What musical influences do you have that you think attributed to the way you created "That's What Friends Do"? Do you find that the artists you draw inspiration from typically have a force in how your music is overall shaped?

I would have to say this song was heavily influenced by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been one of my biggest inspirations since I was about 13 years old. Her writing style and production are so intimate and captivating. I find myself often trying to write songs that Taylor Swift would write. With “That’s What Friends Do,” Fraser Watt and Kerri Watt and I wanted to create that “Taylor Swift story.“

Are you happy with the way "That's What Friends Do" ultimately produced in the end? Would you say that the vision you had going into the creation of this track was held consistent all throughout?

I absolutely love how it came out! As an independent artist trying to get your music heard and feel relevant, the pressure can be overwhelming. I definitely struggled the last year since my Addicted to You-EP to rediscover my sound. My producer, Fraser Watt, did a great job hearing my vision and executing it perfectly. I am so happy with this project!

Thank you for talking with us DeDe, it's been a pleasure hearing about "That's What Friends Do." What can we expect to see or hear next from you, DeDe?

I plan to release a lot more music this year! I would also love to perform at some larger venues and festivals.


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