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Dedrick Sits Down To Discuss New Music Video For “Never Fall”

Congratulations on releasing your single and video for "Never Fall." You graciously share an immense amount of passion through both the song and visuals. Is there a moment or story that inspired the cognizant lyrics we take in?

Yes, a little situation that made me go through various emotions happened not too long ago. By the grave of god and the support of my family, I made it out on top. I was able to reconnect and bond with my daughter afterward, so it's been a growing process overall.

We pick up on your musical influences throughout this record regarding lyrical approach and instrumentation. What can you tell us about your creative process for crafting this song?

Given my circumstances at the time, this song was hard for me to make. All I could come up with was the hook. I had the song conceptually ready. And little by little, I began formulating and piecing together what I wanted to say and how. I always push myself a song at a time and reward fans with replay value. So one of the gems I put in the song is a palindrome. The second verse is said forward and backward. The meaning changes from hearing the first half and the second. I really enjoy moments like that.

With a music video so thought out, what message are you hoping your listeners take away from the filmic component of "Never Fall?"

If there's a message to be found in Never Fall, it's never to give up. Fall nine times but get up 10. Never falling doesn't mean you can't slip or stumble. It means never to stay down, no matter the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

What emotions would you like this to bring out?

And any emotion I want to carry onto my fans and listeners is that raw, rising, inspiring feeling.

Please shine a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of filming this video.

Behind the scenes was fun. I'll post more on my socials. It consisted of me and my boys going over the lines and how I wanted the visuals to look. A few days prior, I went over the entire video virtually and shot each scene to know what I wanted it to look like when it was time to hit. Dat Boy Sam did an excellent job capturing what I wanted the feel and vibe to be. He was patient and had great ideas, bringing the visual to life.

What's next for you?

I will be dropping skits mid to late August and weekly songs. I'm excited about where I'm at in this part of my journey. I look forward to seeing people's reactions and feedback when things drop more consistently.

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