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Deep Dive Into Novaphasefive's Unique Rap-Based Song, "honesty with the sphinx"

Poetically expressive alternative/rap artist Novaphasefive has turned heads with his latest, enigmatic release. As an artist who was integrated into the music scene from an extremely young age, Novaphasefive uses his music as a means to relay his life story. All of those highs, lows, and in-betweens are communicated through his songs, and Novaphasefive intends to lose his listeners in his eclectic sound.

Novaphasefive's latest project is a song debut titled "honesty with the sphinx." The song contains a mix of contemporary and post-modern genre elements, which makes up an intriguing ambiance.

There's a dark tone to the vocal delivery of Novaphasefive, which he hopes gets translated in a vibrant way to listeners. Once you notice that he uses a luxurious blend of styles, you'll successfully understand what makes the song so peculiar in totality. In all truth, "honesty with the sphinx" garners such an authentic attraction due to its eclecticism, which naturally leads to one fixating on the narrative itself.

Novaphasefive made a point to prove his versatile flow in "honesty with the sphinx." A genuine, vibe-worthy atmosphere was created with ease, and we're patiently waiting for his new music to release.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Novaphasefive and congratulations on your single debut, "honesty with the sphinx." What were your immediate thoughts upon the release of your song?

When first releasing this song "honesty with the sphinx" I could feel this song was gonna go far, like it feels like something like a movie, but it's a song. I thought to myself, "wow...this one is crazy".

What kind of narrative were you intending to create in "honesty with the sphinx?" Do you think this one was easily understood by the song's listeners? With this song/chapter in my music, it was the official death of a particular conflicting phase within myself. I feel for sure this one was well understood definitely.

How were you hoping "honesty with the sphinx" made its listeners feel? I could only hope that for this song as well as all my music in general that it's a certain level of calm at ease is felt, but specific to this song I hope the listener is understood within themselves. To have honesty with yourself.

As an artist who has had a long journey with music, what are some ultimate changes you see within yourself from when you first began your music career, versus now? I'll say an obvious growth vocally a more emotional output, and as well a greater focus within my lyrics harmonies and overall creation of atmosphere itself are all much more concentrated and depth is applied better now with my current music that's coming out and my more recent releases.

What's next for you?

What's next? What's next I'd say listeners and fans can look forward to live shows and more of me, as I am, over the next couple of months to come.

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