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Deep in a Trance With IBK's Soothing Single, "Coz I'm Yours"

The eclectic music Producer and artist IBK releases a heavily passionate and mellow single titled, "Coz I'm Yours."

Always having a passion for music and production, more recently, he's upped his sonic game to support his natural musical range and flexibility. Also a medical doctor in training with a neuroscience background, IBK believes that music has the same healing powers as medicine. 

His latest single "Coz I'm Yours" definitely has the power to heal some hearts out there. A steady and groovy R&B/soul track where IBK reminds us of his dedication to someone; we're genuinely captivated by the overall atmosphere and tone IBK delivers with this romantic single. 

IBK wastes no time and jumps into "Coz I'm Yours" with passion and poise. While he begins singing ever so softly, the supporting organs and flashy synths create this heavily intriguing mid-tempo beat that's easy to get lost in. 

While IBK continues to serenade someone with all his love and affection, the supporting instrumentals deliver a vibrant yet subtle string section, giving the track infinite depth and texture. It's as if IBK blended deep house organs/synths with the intoxicating tempo of R&B/soul to create a mesmerizing piece of music. 

We love everything about IBK's latest single "Coz I'm Yours," and it would be an understatement to say that this song has healing properties as well.

Cozy up to "Coz I'm Yours" here.

Hello IBK, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. With your single "Coz I'm Yours," how did your creative process begin? Did you start with the song's lyrics or instrumentals?

The process for this song was actually a very free form. I had just come back home with my first MIDI controller and software downloads for my DAW (Digital Analog Workspace) which I had picked up early in the pandemic. I was on a FaceTime call with a friend showing them my new system and what I could do with it. In the process, I found this one instrument/sound that really struck me. Playfully, I created a little melody with my friend listening in the background. They liked it, and I decided to develop the rest of the track around that melody. I created the lyrics out of curiosity and just challenging myself musically. In the past, I’ve always played around with writing lyrics, but never felt I was a good enough lyricist. But I’m very strong with creating strong, catchy melodies. So, I just whipped up some pen and paper, and the lyrics kind of flowed out of some recent experiences from my dating life. And then, bam, the whole thing came together. An interesting fact about this track is that all the vocals were recorded using my MacBook Pro microphone - in one take. Even I was surprised that the vocals came together with my sub-standard vocal recording equipment. Within the instrumentals on "Coz I'm Yours," you set out this distinct and soulful tone throughout the song. Why did you choose to keep the production so minimal yet so effective?

That’s a really great way to describe this work - minimal, yet effective. One thing that I carry as a theme in almost everything I do is the idea of making the best of everything you’ve got. “Coz I’m Yours” was the very first track I made using my new system. So, I was learning the basics of using the new system. But, in addition, most music producers can tell when a track has attained that level of magic that you need for a track to be enjoyable and “complete.” So, once I felt that magic with the track, I didn’t think anything else needed to be added. Also, the version of my DAW software currently allows me to add only 8 layers of tracks. So, I get very creative with how I can fill up the void space with quality sounds that bring music to life. I’m working on a full album project right now that will show some more layers of my musical style and more expansive sounds. That full project will be released in about 2 months once I’ve been able to raise enough money to hire a mastering engineer for the full project - check out my Kickstarter campaign to chip in some support for that project.

Could you tell us what kind of music we might find on your SoundCloud page "The Eclectic Hub"? What makes your music so eclectic and diverse?

Great question. What makes my musical style so eclectic is the concoction of musical influences I’ve had. I love hip-hop, Afrobeats, EDM, electronic music, classic rock, funk, you name it. And I have classical music training from college. I’m a huge huge music junkie. I stay till 3 am many nights just listening to new music from everywhere possible. My top musical influences are Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. So, imagine combining all those influences into one space, that’s what you get on my SoundCloud. I’m hoping to discover a new exciting genre that people find hard to describe. We’ll see how all that pans out. Seeing as you're a medical doctor in training with a neuroscience background, how do you go about balancing your day-to-day career with your music career?

Honestly, I’m really still figuring that out. These past few months have been my first full-scale exploration of the music space and industry. I’m putting in a tonne of work with my personal branding and pushing my music into the right spaces these days. Since I just moved to Canada, I haven’t started doing the doctor work here because I have to pass the board exams before I can do that. So, right now, I earn music production time by first hitting my boards studying goals. And I usually reserve every Wednesday for more music production allotted time. I’ve been thinking a lot about how things will change once I get back into medical work, and all I can say is “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

This is a phenomenal question. So many things have been inspiring me this year. First off, all my setbacks really fired me up to stick it to life, so to speak. I left a very good budding medical career in the States due to immigration issues, and it really hit me hard. It was very tough. And after dealing with the anger and frustration, I just thought, I can’t let life take away my chance to live a fulfilled life. The pandemic and quarantine also had a significant role in how I was able to tap into the necessary inspiration. It carved out a quiet space for me to take some courses online and read some really powerful books that changed my life. One major impact came from a LinkedIn course titled “Personal Branding” by Chelsea Krost. It really challenged me to ask myself what I’m good at and what I could be successful at - besides plain old “doctoring”. The second major impact came from two books - Zero to One by Peter Thiel, and Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. These two books taught me how to build the future, and how to pursue my future, respectively. Also, our mortality has been a theme in 2020 with the passing of Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, and the carnage that the COVID19 pandemic has poured on all of us. That very palpable reminder of my mortality has really pushed me to pursue my own happiness without regret. Life is short.



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