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Dejwe Delivers An “Edgy” New Track!

Dejwe (pronounced Day-j-way) is a CEO of his own music production company, Artist, Songwriter, and Producer. Born Yvenson Bernard from Haiti he moved to the U.S. when he was 6 years old. Having grown up and now currently residing in Tampa, he learned much about American culture and particularly found an interest with music. The sounds of Hip Hop and RnB were much different than the sounds he was use to growing up in Haiti. Drawing heavy influences from artists like Pastor Troy, Tupac, Trick Daddy, and Nas. Dejwe’s passion for music and his progression into other genres of music, and experimenting with various techniques due to his wide range of of taste in music, is what has made him stand out as an artist. Listening in to the latest song “Edgy” featuring TG.

Whoa! Right out the gate, the song grabs your attention with this almost xylophone sound that leads you into an introduction to the featured artist. Her voice is a beautiful accolade to this song and both of their vocals together really work well together. I love the message behind the song. I can feel the emotional draw to the subject at hand but the production gives it a bounce that allows you vibe out and still get a good message out of it. I admire the production done in this. He really found a way to blend so many different genres and sounds to create his own unique display of music. Cheers to that!

Check out "Edgy" here. Read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey how’s it going? Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

First and foremost, I would like to say Thank you Buzz Music LA for giving me this opportunity.

I go by the name of Dejwe, it’s pronounced (day-j-way). It’s a Haitian creole word that means addictive or addiction. I wanted to pick a name that was different and not like traditional rap names. I am also from Tampa, FL. Shout out to Tampa!

What made you decide to create your own music production company?

Well, I wanted to showcase my music but still have the freedom to express myself without being pressured to sound like everyone else, so the best way was creating a music production company.  We’re not a record label, but the goal is to become one in the near future.

The track “Edgy” has a feature, TG. What made you choose her as the vocals for this track?

When I initially wrote the song, I wrote it in an alternative style to give it a different contrast. So, when my fans listen to it, they can get a different emotion when they hear TG, but at the same time hear the rawness when I come on. 

Would you ever consider taking your talents back to your hometown to create a buzz there? Why or Why not?

That’s a very good question. I typically follow the traffic. When I first released the song, the UK was the first to gravitate towards it. In less than 3 months, we were able to chart at #29 on the UK Music Week chart. LA is showing me love so I’m promoting “Edgy” more in LA.

Every state has a different sound and they become accustomed to hearing one type of sound. In the deep south, people here love trap. When you come out with something that combines different genres, people tend to hesitate on giving it a chance. But, people back home are recognizing who I am one fan at a time.  

What is one thing you hope to accomplish, musically, this year?

I can check one thing off my list that a lot of independent artists aren’t able to do and that’s charting with my debut single, even if it’s in another country. I've also been featured in multiple blogs in the UK...all before the official video to "Edgy" was released. So I've been putting on work! It would be great to chart here eventually as well though. I am also planning on releasing more music soon and will continue to tell stories through my lyrics. I would also like Noir Addiction Musik Group to grow even bigger and build a fan base so Dejwe can continue to provide good music. 


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