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Deku Throws Things Back To “1985”

Deku is an American singer/songwriter and record producer hailing from Los Angeles. As a songwriter, he has written for many artists globally for the past several years while living in the entertainment capital of the world. Contrary to the big city, Deku hailed from the rocky mountains of Colorado, where he honed in on his creativity. He has mixed his background with his passion for exploring new places and people, which are all muses for his artistry and content.

Deku delivered a contagious and energetic new track titled “1985”. Fusing conceptual depth and self-reflection with an upbeat musicality, “1985” paints a dreamlike scene around the listener, offering insight and understanding. The great thing about a song like this is that it’s an instant energy boost. There’s a near-dance-hall vibe to the spacious rhythm of the track, meanwhile, that riff loops out around you in a notably memorable way. “1985” creates a mood, making certain you’ll recognize the tone and style of Deku. “1985” brings through a fairly addictive new sound. The perfect choice for any listener looking to escape into an authentic soundscape and absolutely worth a few listens. 

Check out "1985” here and keep scrolling for more with Deku below! 

Hey Deku! For those who don’t know, can you tell us about how you first got started making music?

“Well, as a kid I always loved music, but I never had a way to really express my own musical talent till I was in high school. I used to carry around a little Notebook full of raps and songs. My uncle had a little set up at his house and I was able to come over and practice engineering myself. I felt like the sky was the limit in recording and creating. After high school I ended up working at the biggest studio in town. There I met a lot of the larger artist of my city and started writing hooks for the producers to sell. As time passed I got better at singing naturally from trial and error using lots of auto tune till i understood what sounded good and what was really bad. Song after song until I started writing songs and whole albums for other artists. So I would say that’s where it started and from there I grew my own sound and my own style of how I wanted to present myself to the world.”

We’re loving your new song “1985”. It’s very upbeat and hypnotic. What’s it all about?

“1985 all started after I moved to LA and noticed a lot of people dressed up like they were in the 80s at clubs. I almost felt like it was a time machine, all of us embracing a culture we weren’t alive for, and BAM. She just wanna dance like it’s 1985, at that club she never been to because she wasn’t alive yet, yet, you get where I’m going with this.”

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

“The best setting to listen to my songs are right when you’re about to go have the best night of your life, and then again if you’re not having a good night and want to vibe out and find some good vibes to decompress. A lot of my music is up beat and fun, but I have songs that are slow and personal. At the end of the day I’m just giving you me. We can all find ourselves in the music somewhere. What I hope people take away is a feeling of escape and bliss, as well as a feeling of relatability and connection, embracing themselves and finding themselves along with me.”

If someone only has time to check out one song from your collection, which would you recommend and why?

“I would say to check out the novice EP, it’s more then one song yes, but I would say it’s a good way to get to know me prior to 1985. I like to think of my songs as stories and showcasing  where I was and where I’m at. Novice is about how I got to this point and the feelings and vibes I had while adventuring to the big city for the first time.”

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

“Going forward I want to open up more into what I want to become. I want my sound to not be limited to one genre or mood. I want to just express where I’m at and going. I want my future music and projects to exemplify the constant change and evolution of my life.”


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