Dem Dinos Release "Baby Boo", First Track Off Debut EP

Dem Dinos is a metal guitarist from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has a love for hip hop rap

and metal guitar. This makes for an interesting combination from the artist to the listener. So far,

we have only one track from Dem Dinos which is on Spotify and has an accompanying

instrumental track as well. Make sure to check his tracks on Spotify, links will be below!

Having the infusion of electric guitar and a beat of a hip hop track Dem Dinos brings a

cute love song to the table. The raging electric guitar riffs accent the track and give it a unique

vibe to it, in which it also combines electronic music elements as well. The track "Baby Boo" is Dem Dinos appreciation song for a special someone and it is a timeless motif that is found in music. What makes Dem Dinos standout the most is his willingness to push the boundaries of genres and

pairing to unlikely combinations together. He is also able to execute both in a pleasant and

complimenting way in which they can sort of harmonize together and create this boppy song for

his audience. All in all this is a great track for those who want to experiment with fusion genres.

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