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Demi Michelle Empowers Fans

In the gleaming wake of her recent single “Will I Ever,” Pop and Country artist Demi Michelle continues to reveal her heartfelt personality to fans through each empowering song.

Inspired by the country stars Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, Demi Michelle aims to remain explicitly honest in her songwriting by telling her story down to its raw truths. She has the ability to wrap a meaningful message within her delicately organized lyrics and hooking melodies.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic Demi Michelle expressed the main message she aims to share with her fans. The up-and-coming artist stated, “I struggle a lot with wondering if I’ll ever know how it feels to fall in love. In a way, this song is a mirror that reflects my thoughts and feelings back at me. Instead of being lost in my mind, I have a song that says it all. That’s the most beautiful thing about songwriting. My songs speak to me and share my story in a way nothing else in the world can.”

Giving something for fans to look forward to, Demi Michelle has plans to release her debut Pop album “Dear Diary” in October of 2021. Additionally, the charismatic artist is staying true to her country roots with plans to release a few Country singles this year and early next year. As she continues to pour her heart into every song and share her stories through thought-provoking lyrics, fans are eager to hear what else Demi Michelle has to bring them.


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