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Deney Adam Has Our Attention With New SIngle “Blue”

You know that pulsing, side-chained repetition you hear walking along LA's Santa Monica Boulevard around San Vicente Boulevard? That’s the fluid coursing through Deney Adam’s “Blue.”

Welcome to a world filled with bodies recalling the dudes you see dancing in those clubs along the way. And, of course, they have a great roster of preening attire to match, you have to admit.

It’s so electric. So in your face.But not in a way that’s threatening.

At this point we’re peacocking to the max. Everything is so smooth. Raw.

It’s a track of throbbing synthetics; constantly superficial; sensuality at a heightened level.

But the meaning has been stripped away, and all that’s left is a blur.

The sound of the song is way past the point of a buzz. You feel the alcohol burning your stomach and the drugs numbing the gnawing thoughts of reality into oblivion.

This is what you came for, and you definitely don’t regret it.

But you’re not quite sure it was the smartest choice either.

It’s all so fast and furious: booty shorts, advertising adulation, desire.

You’ve consciously descended into this dark hunky paradise, and now you have that familiar pounding headache. But you wouldn’t give it up for the world.

It doesn’t stop: electro at club level that’s four on the floor critical.

There was a message of hope and acceptance at the door, but we’re way past that now.

This is emotionally dark and dirty. Just how you like it.

Learn more about Deney Adam in our interview below!

Hi Deney! Can you tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born in Saint Martin move to NY and never left, I was always passionate about music and had no other option but to be a musician. But life takes its own course, which is why it took me this long to finally release something.

What was the journey you went through to come up with the track "Blue?"

It took me a year to produce Blue. The song is very personal and I wanted it to sound exactly how I envisioned it as for the vibe an feels, and represent who I am and what I would like to bring to the lgbtq+ culture, I wanted it to be unique.

If you could have your choice, where would you hope to hear the song played?

Obviously, I would like my song to be played on the radio and every club. I grew up going to clubs and circuit parties. Needless to say, I love house music and pop music is what I grew up singing to, so why not to mix the two.

When you listen back to "Blue" now, what does it make you think of?

It wasn’t easy but I loved it.

Were you conscious of trying to make this into a pop song? And if so, what was the key to doing it successfully?

If you listen to Blue you’ll see that the vocals are treated like a pop song with a house beat. I find that you need to really love what you do and know where you want to be, and success will follow.


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