Denise Valle Makes Her Listeners Feel Love With “Repeat Affections”

Denise Valle is a soulful songstress from Saskatoon, SK. her uncanny gift for finding the undiscovered hooks in her fiery fusion of R&B, Soul, and Pop music. The love she has for performing at such a young age has given her the electric command of the stage, and she’s determined to bring the whole audience along for the ride-making. We took a listen to Denise Valle’s single titled “Repeat Affections” and just like the title, we most certainly had this on repeat.

The blossoming melodies and satisfying rhythm in the arrangement of this song called for an unforgiving experience that you will want to relive again! Denise Valle instantly caught our attention with her individualistic voice and delightful style. The way she directs you into her music is unbelievable! “Repeat Affections” was such a bewitching song that enchanted us and left us craving for more! The magic in “Repeat Affections” is in the lyrics. The passionate songwriting helps you create a sense of chemistry between you and that special someone. The vibes are contagious, and the melodies are profoundly consuming. Everybody needs that perfect song to get the mood right and the energy replenished! Denise Valle is here with an offering that you won’t want to miss out on. You can listen to “Repeat Affections” here.

Welcome to Buzzmusic Denise Valle! How was your upbringing? Where did you find most of your influence musically from?

Thank you for having me Buzzmusic! I love that my upbringing has a creative mixture of many cultural and geographical influences. My parents are from El Salvador and immigrated to Los Angeles and then to Saskatchewan, Canada when I was very young. Our home was always filled with the sound of music to accompany even the most mundane of activities. The sounds of Motown music, Latin music and top 40 always were playing in our home. As the years continued on so did my musical taste develop into a blend we have now of R&B, Soul and Pop.  Talk to us about your single “Repeat Affections”. What was the entire theme behind this song?  Repeat Affections tells the story of a lover finding herself at the crossroads of her relationship. The Latin dance beat brings to life the tension felt in the plea to fight to keep alive this out of-the-ordinary love. I wanted to write from the perspective that everyone is trying to love to the best of their abilities with the tools that they have. Relationships always demand you to be vulnerable with yourself and your partner. I chose to pick an upbeat carefree rhythm to contrast the pressure and strain the narrator is trying to convey in the melody. Where did you locate the inspiration behind this single? How would you describe the songwriting process?  Believe it or not but this song actually came to me in a dream. A little under a year ago I awoke out of a dream state with the first three lines and melody etched in my memory. I knew that there was something behind this song and I needed to continue to dig in deeper to find a melody and a theme. This songs full potential was full realized when I brought it to my producer Rabino who helped tweak lyrics and co write the 2nd verse with me. His production expertise and ear brought this song to the next level and assured me we had a hit.  What were some challenges you had to maneuver through when creating “Repeat Affections”? Being from a province in Canada that is known musically more for Roots and Folk based music. The challenge is finding collaborators who understand the Soul & Pop genre. Connecting with my producer in another province provided the missing pieces for this song. We are both great fans of R&B and Soul music and so there was a natural magic to the process. Little had to be said to be on the same page and it was worth it driving the 6 hours to make this project happen.  We’re excited about what 2020 will bring you, Denise Valle! What are you looking forward to in this upcoming year? 2019 was such an incredible year for me as an artist. I took the leap to leave my steady 9-5 and pursue music as full time as a I could. With taking that risk it has allowed me to have a assured sense of the direction I want my career and specifically this next year to go. 2020 will be the release of my debut EP titled “Repeat Affections” set to release early in the year. Having a larger body of work and music videos to this project I know will open a larger platform to bring my music to a wider audience. Live performances are my favourite part of being a creative and so I will be embarking on my first tour across Western Canada. I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!