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Denny Von Braun Takes Us On A Trip With 'Irrational Fashion'

Indigenous artist Denny Von Braun from Edmonton is set to release his second full-length album, 'Irrational Fashion,' in February 2023. Denny began playing solo shows in Edmonton in 2018 and released his first full-length album, Solar System Lovers, Solar System Life, in 2020. His unique sound blends indie rock, folk, and psychedelic music elements, with thoughtful lyrics and dreamy instrumentals that transport listeners to another world.

'Irrational Fashion,' which features 11 tracks, showcases Denny's artistic talent and vision. The album starts with "Spirits in a Basket," an energetically spirited track that sets the tone for the rest. The song's powerful guitar work and ethereal vocals combine to create a sense of otherworldliness throughout the album. "Figure Skater" follows, with its driving key melodies reflective of what you'd hear in an ice rink montage scene in an 80's movie, with a steady drumbeat and shimmering synth pads adding a touch of icy sprinkles to the album's sound.

"Sleep for a Lifetime" is a standout track with heavy anthemic melodies and introspective lyrics. Denny's voice floats above the instrumentation, carrying the listener along on a coming-of-age journey of self-discovery and reflection with drum work that gets you right into the hype zone. "Fool" is a hypnotic ballad with a modern yet nostalgic bounce akin to early Phil Collins, with its catchy organic drum tones and raising synths mixed with Denny's spacey vocals; the song's upbeat energy is infectious and will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding their heads along with the beat.

"Babies" brings it back in with adrenaline from the outset. This energetic song has an unmistakable 80s vibe that will get listeners moving. From an infectious beat to catchy guitar riffs, this one is a fun and upbeat addition to the album. When "Magic" kicks off with its thumping drum pattern and shivering hi-hats, the song creates a lively and infectious energy that listeners nod their heads and tap their feet along with the beat. The song's catchy guitar riffs and dynamic instrumentation add to the sense of movement and energy, while Denny's lyrics explore the themes of lust and intrigue.

"Farewell" is a stripped-down ballad, with Denny's vocals and acoustic guitar taking center stage. The song's introspective lyrics and emotional delivery make it a standout on the album that makes you feel like you're standing on a cliff looking out over a fog-covered ocean. "Ketchup" is a more playful track, with its quirky instrumentation and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The song's catchy chorus and upbeat energy make it a bright and lighthearted addition to the album.

"Fantasy" is another standout track, with its shimmering guitar riffs and dreamy instrumentation. The song's lyrics explore the theme of escapism, and Denny's swooping vocals add an extra layer of depth to the song to give a feel like the 80's hit "Dangerzone." "Analyze" is a slower, more experimental track, with its delicate synth work and haunting pitched-down vocals. The song's lyrics explore the theme of self-discovery, and Denny's emotive delivery adds an extra layer of complexity and depth to the song, another accurate coming-of-age tale from a talented storyteller.

The album concludes with "Make Believe," a hauntingly beautiful track that perfectly captures the dreamy, otherworldly sound that defines the album. The song's introspective lyrics and ethereal instrumentation create a sense of wonder and longing. Denny's sailing vocals add a layer of ghostly richness and complexity to the song, wrapping up the project like the last goodbye after a legendary encore.

'Irrational Fashion' is a stunning achievement and a testament to Denny Von Braun's artistic talent and vision. The album's dreamy instrumentals, thoughtful lyrics, and emotive vocals create a profoundly moving and memorable listening experience. This album will stay with listeners long after the final notes fade.

Sail away with this one out everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Denny Von Braun! Cheers to all the levels you hit with "Irrational Fashion," a unique and intriguing title for an album. Can you explain the inspiration behind this title and how it relates to the themes explored in the album?

Besides loving how those words sound together, the irrational lyric fashion was about casting away negative thoughts and doing what I love for me and no one else. As the album title speaks to freedom and nonconformity, who cares if it is a fashion faux pas to change up styles and genres mid-album. Like a tailor with a dream, I made the dress, or in this case album, I wanted to make

The album features a variety of musical styles and influences, ranging from indie rock to folk to 80s-inspired pop. How did you approach creating a cohesive sound for the album, despite these diverse influences?

Unlike my first release, where I had that specific new retro sound in mind, this time around, I let whatever inspirations I was feeling come out; I didn't think about making a cohesive album or making my songs sound a certain way; I let each song be what it wanted to be. Once I put all the little irregular pieces together for the first time, I heard something that was truly just me. So this time around, the theme was Denny.

Many of the songs on "Irrational Fashion" explore transformation and personal growth themes. Can you discuss how your experiences and personal journey influenced this album's writing and recording process?

I wrote most of the songs on Irrational Fashion during the thing, lockdown. During this time, I didn’t treat myself right. Where am I going? What am I doing? I got sick. There were a lot of ups and downs. In the past, I wouldn’t typically write songs about my real-life experiences directly; I’m a fan of metaphor and wordplay. However, while writing songs like "Farewell" and "Make Belief," I felt compelled to speak about how I felt in those moments. It did feel a little scary to put those thoughts into lyrics so plainly and then release them to the world, But now it feels liberating.

The tracklist for 'Irrational Fashion' includes a range of moods and emotions, from upbeat and energetic tracks like "Babies" and "Magic" to more introspective and melancholy songs like "Farewell.” Can you speak to the process?

It's no secret I love the music of the 80s even though I missed that decade by two months; I think my goal when making music is always to make something fun like it was from that era, but what truly inspires me is the first few notes that ring out when you let go of the world and play your instrument. Sometimes it is that fun dancey groove, and other times it can bring out something I didn’t even realize I was feeling. I think music is magical in giving you ideas and stories from some well-organized frequencies.

With two full-length albums under your belt, what are your goals and aspirations for your music career moving forward?

I love to play. I want to get out there and play some live shows. But regardless of how many people I can get to listen to my songs or come out to my shows, as long as I can continue to write music that I like and that makes me feel happy, I will consider myself successful.


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