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Interview: KC Is Taking LA's Pop Scene By Storm With New Single, "Zero Gravity"

Hey KC! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re head over heels for your music and love your themes of empowerment and self-love. Could you tell us a little more about what inspired your single “Zero Gravity”?

The single "Zero Gravity" was inspired by the internal revelation I had about the path I am going down to become who I truly aspire to be. The song features a futuristic version of myself that I am presently working toward. Through balancing both sides- dark and light- and self-empowerment, I gained inspiration to really project this vision of "Zero Gravity." The track title implies that I have reached a "weightless state" where everything around me is aligned, and the path for my future is clear.

You’ve mentioned that you’re releasing an album later this year! What do you want your debut album to say to your audience?

The EP I have in store for fans will definitely be a little bit of a shift for me artistically. My songs prior to what I will be releasing have been a bit more light-hearted and uplifting. My next line of work will have a darker, more vulnerable element with a dash of commercial pop elements (don't worry, there will still be some signature KC elements, though!) I have grown and changed a lot in the past 6-8 months, and these songs will completely reflect that and what I have gone through personally. My hope is to expand my reach with them to a wider audience and help others who have similar experiences.

We’ve noticed that you’ve gained quite the following on Instagram, yet at the moment, you have no pictures up! Is there some kind of re-work going on before the big album drop?

Hahahaha Instagram! Yes, there is some reworking... I have archived all of last year's content- don't get me wrong, I loved everything I created, and I worked really hard on the content, but with the new EP coming and a different sound and genre of music on the way, I want to start completely fresh with my branding... the space vibes aren't gone forever though! Just prepping for the release of new content.

Your songs seem to capture similar themes of the future and outer space; what inspired your artistic brand to take this route?

The outer-space vibes are a complete reflection of me personally. In my earliest stages of songwriting and creating, they came naturally. I am a big fan of the cosmos and everything in between! The universe is my guiding force, so I like to bring it with me. The vibe also resonates with me because I love the concept of space- to me, I have always felt like I never completely belonged here- like an alien to the world... so space has always been my comfort zone!

What can we expect to see from KC throughout 2020?

Expect to see a lot of music. TONS. I have been working really hard on so many collaborations and tracks to bring to my audience, and am so excited to share them. Also shows- lots and lots of SHOWS!!! I have some really great things in store for everybody and cannot wait to be performing live again. I've been in a state of rest, but all of my content is about to roll out, and then it won't stop!

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