Derrick Cobb's Returns to the Spotlight With, "Don't Stop (Fuck It Up)"

Derrick Cobb's music has always been a product of his ever-evolving imagination. With a style that mingles Pop, RnB, and a new chroma of Dance music together, this artist is not afraid to dig deep. As his entourage grows and his unique approach and style continue to mature, Derek Cobb's concentration has been focused on his new single, "Don't Stop (Fuck It Up)." Here, the elusive RnB bumping innovator takes a stab at his rapping talents alongside some of his hip-hop adorned collaborators and friends, Rue Zalez, and Beauty Bellaa. Derrick Cobb typically operates between two contrasting flagstaffs: energetic dance-infused music and a more relaxed bumpy electro-colored RnB vibe. "Don't Stop (Fuck It Up)" abandon both and opts instead for a more of a rhythmic thrill ride that makes up for its lack of excessive production glitter and flashes with constant motion. Through an abundance of vocal adlibs washed with delays and rippling hi-hats, Derek Cobb shuffles around in triplet-rhythmed proclamations. The dynamic underlining beat supports the rapper's distinct flow with tight thumping kicks and crisp cut hi-hats dancing along with 32nd note bursts. In one section, Derek Cobb's pausing as if to build up more addictive momentum and energy for the upcoming part. Next, he is establishing a baseline for the next rap feature to explode off. It's a captivating approach the entire run through as each artist shines bright with their own style and tone. It's definitely not Derrick Cobb's default setting to be rapping, but it is exciting to hear him work out new flows. Derrick Cobb has evolved from a self-proclaimed bad-ass to a trailblazing rapper confident with his wordplay, unafraid of throwing himself in the deep end of unknown territories. "Don't Stop (Fuck it Up)" encapsulates his evolution so far from amateur beginnings to a more compelling, exciting chapter of exploration and imagination. We hope to see more of Derek Cobb's energy and vibe stretch into other styles and approaches.

Listen to "Don't Stop (Fuck it Up)" here.