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Derrick Isheem Released His Single Titled “4L”

Midwestern hip-hop artist born in Detroit Michigan, Derrick Isheem began performing in front of church crowds, schools, and talent shows at an early age when music became his passion. Known for his gritty and lyrical delivery Derrick Isheem uses his life experiences to speak life into his music with a Soulful and Harmonious vibe. Although music is his Personal Therapy, his life goal is to deliver his message as Soul Food to the masses; letting his Soul Drip on every track he records.

Derrick Isheem released his latest single titled 4L” and we dialed into this single and instantly became gratified with his focused flow and nuanced delivery. The soul in his vocal articulation when he raps created the the gritty vibe in his artistry. His incredible use of vocabulary showcased a specific caliber of songwriting not many rappers have. The striking song is a nice vibe we can cruise along too but also get hooked onto the magnetic appeal in the lyrics. Derrick Isheem adds a unique dimension to the song and that’s the doorway to your thoughts. While listening to this song you get to thinking about not only the lyrics but how it relates to your personal life because believe it or not, it does in some way. His skilled songwriting is something that will serve as beneficial for him in the long-run. He’s what I call an rapper who doesn’t shy away from being a raw and bonafide character first before allowing their artistry to translate through their music. “4L” is the product of representation for Derrick and we’re excited to see the success it makes!

Check out the single here! Read more about Derrick in our interview below!

Hello! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My rap name is my real name, Derrick Isheem. Detroit / Inkster Native here to bring you real music.

How has your upbringing affected your music style?

Hardships, Pain, Loss of Family members, Life; All these things are what I pull from to add soul into my music.

Tell us about “4L”. What does this song mean to you?

4L means For Life. This song means a lot to me because through everything I've been through I stayed true to me and will for life. I will endure on the journey ahead as far as music goes along with keeping my integrity and staying true to my beliefs.

What inspired you to write “4L” ?

After the death of 2 cousins and My father in 1 year. I recorded "4L" in the barbershop my father left as a family legacy.

Were there any key images or ideas you had in mind while writing “4L” ?

I didn't write anything down. I thought about the times of how life is too short to waste time and not be yourself. All I could see was my father taking his last breath a week before.

What’s next for you?

To do this For Life. Gain more exposure, continue to work and grow.


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