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Desarae Dee Grabs Our Attention on Latest Single, "Refocus (feat. Sean C. Johnson)"

Constantly in evolution mode, Desarae Dee allows us to realign our attention with her latest whole-hearted ballad, “Refocus (feat. Sean C. Johnson).”

As a fusion pianist, Desarae Dee is widely known for her unconventional and spontaneous playing style. Often being compared to the likes of Robert Glasper, she has the unique ability to fuse multiple musical styles together, while creating exclusive, unusual chord structures and powerful melodic lines.

Simultaneously giving you everything you need to hear and something you've never heard before, Desarae Dee and Sean C. Johnson capture your attention within moments of listening to their music together. 

This stands especially true with her latest release, “Refocus (feat. Sean C. Johnson).”

“Refocus,” begins immersing us with the delicate embrace of a piano being played. To add to the structure of the ambiance drawing us in, we can hear shimmering symbols and the warm grasp of an electric guitar being strummed as the instrumentation comes together for a symphony.

Reinforcing the essence of Sean C. Johnson’s warm and pleasant vocals, a deep bassline and horns can be heard pepping along adding some more depth to this already brilliant masterpiece.

The power and earnest encirclement of Sean C. Johnson’s vocals create a heavenly ambiance in which your attention is in fact refocused to the striking harmonies and melodious tunes she captivates you with. "Broken mirrors, life ain’t what it seems; I see clearer when I chase destiny; some days we need to refocus, why not today?" is the hard-hitting message of this ballad.

Sometimes in life, we allow things that are not aligned with our purpose to take precedence when we should be aligning our focus with the things we are destined for.

With a piece of work this powerful, Desarae Dee has us singing this narrative into the likes of next week. We are excited about what she has to offer us next when captivating our focus once again.

Listen to "Refocus (feat. Sean C. Johnson)" here.

Hello Desarae and welcome back to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of, “Refocus (feat. Sean C. Johnson)” How did this lovely collaboration come to life?

Well, I first met Sean at an event in Toronto back in 2017 and we instantly connected. From there, we had collaborated on a few of his songs through some mini-concerts via Facebook Live that we put together. I knew at some point, we’d collaborate on a song as his vibe fit so well with my style of playing with him being a Christian RnB/Soul artist. At the time that I asked him to be apart of this song in 2018, Refocus was already completed as it was intended to be an instrumental song, but I felt that it needed that vocal touch to it. Of course, with no hesitation, he said yes and the collaboration became a reality.

What did the creative process look like for you when writing the heartfelt lyrics for, “Refocus?"

The initial meaning and idea of "Refocus" were me, but the lyrics were written by Sean after I had given him the back story on the song. As I was writing the music to this song, the word “Refocus” came to me. At that moment, I was reminded that I need to continue to focus my attention on my purpose and not on the things that aren’t propelling me to reach my destiny. My faith is important and as someone who has a relationship with God, he’s my guide in this life and I want to fulfill the purpose that he has mandated for my life.

Could you please take us into what the ambiance for the studio session looked like?

The ambiance during the process of putting this song together was very quiet and mellow. For this song, I worked on it alone in the comfort of my home studio. I of course wanted to have some live instruments, so I reached out to a few of my musician friends to play on this song. Because everyone had their own home set up, we didn’t have to go into an actual studio to record this, which made the process of putting this song together seamless.

In a world so chaotic and busy, what moments allow you to “Refocus?"

Being able to have my meditative moments where I can just play my piano from my heart or even listening to past and current music that I write is one way I can refocus. I also appreciate the moments where I can sit in silence and just think and reminisce about the positive things that have happened in my life. I also value the time I spend talking to God and getting into my devotionals - these moments give me the strength to take on each day.

What can listeners expect next from you?

Christmas is just around the corner, so listeners can expect a few original tunes for the holidays and in true Desarae Dee fashion, they won’t be your “typical” Christmas songs.



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