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Desarae Dee Reminds Us That "Change Is Good"

Desarae Dee is continuously in evolution mode. A fusion pianist, she is widely known for her unconventional and spontaneous playing style. Often compared to the likes of Robert Glasper, she has the unique ability to fuse many musical styles while creating unique, unusual chord structures and powerful melodic lines, which has given her the range to share the stage with some of Toronto's biggest and brightest stars.

Serving her audience up another hefty spoonful of the enigmatic Jazz descants that she exemplifies so well, Desarae Dee is fresh off the release of her most recent "Change is Good." A purely instrumental canvas to feast upon, Desarae Dee teams up with Becca Toft to deliver an enthralling ambiance of golden sax notes, electrifying synths, and captivating tenors of inevitable change.

With this piece being written by Desarae Dee in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, she enforces that in order to see things change, it starts within each one of us. Fueling her illuminating fire, there is hopefulness in her best attempts to inspire individuals to think differently as they embrace and accept the changes happening all around them.

Vibrancy has never shimmered so eccentrically with Desarae Dee. The poise radiating from the euphonious notes being played speaks for themselves as you are encouraged to escape to a sense of realism in the tranquil hues that highlight a tantalizing bliss. Known for her ethereal soundscapes, Desarae Dee is no stranger to capturing our hearts with her musical progressions. Creating a dynamic field in the calming ethers that resonate with her fan base, there is no doubt that this alluring message will provoke the thoughts of all seeking change.

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic, Desarae Dee, welcome back, and congratulations on the release of, “Change is Good,” featuring Becca Toft. Could you please take us into how this striking collaboration came to be? It’s a new year and it’s great to back! I wrote Change is Good as a part of my #DailyVibes series that I curated in 2020 just before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and this song came to me as the world as I saw it was changing before my eyes. I wanted myself and others to stay uplifted during these difficult times. The collaboration with Becca happened about 2 weeks after I posted the video for my series and we met during the pandemic via another mutual friend. She loved what I did with the song and wanted to add some Trumpet to it. We eventually ended up doing a dual video on social media and it was a comment from one of my followers that eventually prompted me to release the song. Your creativity always impresses us! What did the creative process for “Change is Good” entail? The creative process for this song was simple. My first thoughts were “Let’s write something that will uplift others during these difficult times we’re living in, with the hopes that they would embrace the changes and the new reality happening around them.” As soon as I thought of that, I instantly heard a melody in my head, formulated the chords, and added everything else. I definitely wanted to have a song that screamed “positivity, light and embracing the new (change).” With each artist being vastly different from one another, how do you know when a song is finally complete? I ultimately know when a song is complete when I don’t find anything else to add to it. I listen back to my songs a lot and I knew with this one, I didn’t want to overdo it with too much because of the true meaning behind it. Even though there are no words to my music, I want listeners to feel the message that the music is portraying. So once I know that I don’t need anything else, then I know my song is complete. Since “Change is Good,” revolves around positive change, how have you managed to conjure up positive change in your life? My life has been a roller coaster for quite some time and 2021 to me really felt like my year for GOOD CHANGE, POSITIVE CHANGES; from my personal life, to my career, to my relationships; I knew deep down that 2021 was going to be a year where the heaviness that I’d been dealing with would finally be lifted and positive things were going to happen in my life. I embrace change because I know that ultimately I will continue to grow and evolve as long as I’m willing to accept the changes happening in my life and around me. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? Knowing that there are so many more lives out there that need some positivity, some inspiration, and some motivation in their lives inspired me to create. I’m inspired by so many things around me and I continue to learn and grow and I want that to be present in the music that I continue to create. Knowing that I’m continuing to pave the way for other black woman musicians in Canada keeps me motivated to create music. Knowing that I will continue to break barriers in the industry inspires me to create. Knowing that I have so much more inside of me to share with the world inspires me to create. Overall, I’m excited about what’s to come and what surprises my creative proceeds have for me.


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