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Desarae Dee Returns with a Romantic Escapade, "Love & Found"

The evolution-mode artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Desarae Dee releases a dreamy instrumental with her latest single, "Love & Found."

We're always excited to feature the unique, dynamic, and soulful stylings of Desarae Dee, and this time around is no exception. Through her unconventional and spontaneous piano playing, Desarae Dee has carved a rare path for herself while setting the bar incredibly high for other sonic/instrumental creatives to reach.

The latest works of Desarae Dee consist of her heartfelt instrumental, "Love & Found." When speaking upon the single, Dee mentioned, "'Love and Found' is simply a tribute to the ones who found love in the face of difficult times."

Getting to the goods, the single "Love & Found" opens like a whirlwind of emotions through an escalating synth that drops into Desarae Dee's soothing piano melodies. While accompanied by a down-tempo array of drum breaks and a soft spiraling synth, Desarae Dee instrumentally serenades us with the warmest of keys.

Moving further into the piece, a serene string section makes its appearance and hums us into slumber with its lullaby tones and melodies. With the addition of another r&b-inspired beat drop, we must note the sonic nostalgia that Desarae Dee has placed into this piece, as her choice of synths and effects make for quite the romantic and celestial journey.

We're never let down by the unique stylings of Desarae Dee, and we're sure you won't be either, as her latest single, "Love & Found," captures all the love and affection an instrumental can carry.

We're enamored by your soulful and serene stylings, especially within your recent single, "Love & Found." What inspired you to sonically pay tribute to those who've found love during these unnerving times?

I have been inspired by others' ability to maneuver through the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought on to build a solid connection with another person and be able to maintain it, while at times risking their lives and going against the grain to meet in person and to build on their newfound love. As someone who has struggled to find the right person to build with, it has really inspired even me to take a chance with and to open myself more to love. Because of this, I was lead to create a song that ultimately represents this and hopefully inspires others to not give up on love because of the challenging times that we are currently in and let them know that love is still possible to find even in times of difficulty.

How did you create your melodies and sonics to emphasize feelings of love and passion within your recent single "Love & Found?"

I actually had the main chord progressions of this song written a few years ago for piano and back then, I didn’t know what direction to go in for it. When the pandemic hit last year, that’s when I decided to give it another go and attempt to build on it. Production-wise, I explored with some synth pads as well as some electronic and R&B sounds to really give it that feeling of love and passion.

We've noticed that you haven't created a full-length album since 2016. Is there any hope for a future album or EP? Or are you comfortable with your consistent singles and releases?

Yes, I haven’t released another album in a while as I spent a lot of time evolving my sound as an artist, producer, and musician. Throughout the pandemic, I spent a lot of time writing, producing, and building a library of songs that I could use for the future if I did decide to release another project. I knew that I wanted to be even more consistent with my releases, so I decided to continue with releasing singles for now. I’ve thought about an album, but I’m someone who is all about timing, so I can’t really say if it will happen this year or next, but when it does happen, it will be when you least expect it ;)

Seeing as you're from a city as musically diverse as Toronto, how does your sound and style stand out from others in your music scene?

A lot of the artists in the Toronto music scene lean more towards R&B/Hip-Hop and although I do use some of those elements in my music, I’ve always stood out as an “outside the box” musical thinker who tests and goes against the traditional boundaries of musical genres. I believe that my ability to “genre-bend” and to think musically outside of the norm makes me stand out from others in my city.



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