Desert Sparrow Takes You On A Musical Drive With New Single "Drive"!

Desert Sparrow is a Los Angeles based indie rock band hailing from the beaches of Sydney, Australia! Kylie Adams and Dave Carreno began their musical journey together by playing covers at local open mics in 2013 before forming their own creative path into songwriting. Their main artistic influences are 60’s rock n roll, folk, spaghetti western, and surf. The result is a narrative experience which paints images of solitude, hardship and perseverance on backgrounds of desert roads and California coastlines. Desert Sparrow draws inspiration from bands including Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, BRMC, and Angus & Julia Stone. The release of their single “Drive” has this abnormal vibe so complex yet simultaneously simple. The song is mystic alongside mysterious and it captivates your full attention.

“Drive” is one of those distinctive qualities of alternative music I can’t necessarily categorize because it’s so unique and stands out in a crowd of similar sounding tunes. The horse opera sound depicts the classic Californian environmental atmosphere Desert Sparrow tends to create and we can’t say we’re complaining about it either.

You can listen to this cultivating and striking ear-piercing song and follow Desert Sparrow on their peripatetic journey by connecting with them on social media

Listen to "Drive" here and check out our exclusive interview with Desert Sparrow below!

Hey there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello readers. We are Desert Sparrow, an indie rock band currently based in Los Angeles. On vocals, we’ve got Kylie who’s originally from Avalon, Australia. On guitar, we’ve got Dave who grew up in Dana Point, CA. Together, we create sounds inspired by psych rock, folk, blues, and surf.

What’s the most appealing attribute about your music and why?

One of our favorite compliments we’ve received is that we have our own distinct sound. Not that we’ve created anything completely original or revolutionary, but that we simply sound like ourselves—which should ultimately be the goal. When you’re first starting out as a band, it's easy to get stuck sounding like your musical heroes or be labeled a carbon copy. Although people know who our influences are, we try to take what we’ve learned and put our own spin on it. We’re still learning as musicians/songwriters right now, but the hope is for one day where anyone could hear our music and immediately recognize it's us within the first few seconds.

“Drive” fabricates a great atmospheric setting, whats the image painted in your head when you created this song?

It’s that moment when you suddenly break free from the shackles of mundane life, when you say goodbye to everyone and everything you ever knew. You hop into the car and just drive. Everything behind you and nothing but the empty, open road ahead. It’s the image of driving through isolated land to end up somewhere peaceful, far away and alone as the sun sets.

Who would you guys say has held the biggest influence on your artistry and why?

Kylie: Stevie Nicks. There is an honesty and vulnerability in her voice and in her music. She kicked down the barriers for female singers during her time in a male-dominated industry, wrote her own songs and played by her own rules. Stevie does what she loves and doesn’t apologize for it. She’s authentic and strong, thoughtful but brutally honest, sophisticated yet wild and doesn’t take shit from others. Her mysticism is captivating and most importantly, her music is timeless.

Dave: Johnny Marr. Most people know him as the guitarist of The Smiths, but his overall musical career has seen him work with the likes of Talking Heads, Pretenders, Bryan Ferry, Modest Mouse, Noel Gallagher, Hans Zimmer, and the list goes on. He’s a musician’s musician whose style continues to grow and evolve into his fifties. His guitar work is very unique and tasteful. Rather than building his chops through pentatonic scales, long solos or shredding, he plays these complex and cascading arpeggios with funky rhythms that are always moving. They’re like instrumental pieces, where if you removed the vocals entirely from the music, the songs still remain melodic and extremely musical. That’s the type of guitar player I want to be.

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