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Deshawn Visionsz, The Next Big Thing Out Of Sacramento California, With An Epic Single; “Don’t Worry

Deshawn Visionz is a rapper from Sacramento California whose been rapping for two years. He’s a 22 year old who was influenced by the likes of Saba, Drake, Jcole, Kendrick Lamar etc.

Deshawn Visionz released his single titled “Don’t Worry” and what I loved most about this record was most definitely the lyrics. Deshawn Visionz opened up through his songwriting but also promoted a positive message many people will find worthwhile. Deshawn Visionz is who I’d consider a “Conscious rapper”. He opens your mind and gets you thinking about lots of significant topics and ideas. “Don’t let it taint your soul, nobody can take your beautiful smile.” “Momma said Momma said Momma Said, Don’t you worry child.” the hook sings. This was an uplifting message that elevated its listener. If you were once feeling hopeless prior to listening to this record, you will find yourself receiving a large amount of promise and optimism. Deshawn Visionz reminds me a lot like the incredible talent his influences possesses. He can match up to the caliber of those artists and even fit into the plethora of other mainstream rappers. He has the appeal, the lyricism, and the flow to make him the star he deserves to be. Deshawn Visionz is going to be the next big thing, and we’re saying it here now!

Check out "Don't Worry" here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Deshawn Visionz!

Hey Deshawn Visionz! What motivated you to begin rapping?  

To be honest I started rapping to motivate my homie to get over his fear of rapping in front of people. He has mad talent but his self esteem is low sometimes to the point where he doesn't want to chase his dream. It was a one time thing at first but got more serious when I went to a Saba show. He inspired tf out of me and right then and there I wanted it but I was a little afraid as well. It was when I saw Caleborate, A rapper from my own city, perform showing that you can make it from Sacramento without trying to be the same as everyone else in the city music scene, I had no doubts after that I wanted it 100%.

Let’s talk about your single “Don’t Worry”. We loved the lyrics and melody in the hook. What was the message you were hoping to translate from this song?

The message I was trying to put out was that at the end of the day it WILL get better. No matter how down you're feeling in the moment.

What emotion were you able to channel in while writing “Don’t Worry”?

Hope. I feel like everyone needs it at times of doubt.

What inspired you to write this? Were you able to personally relate in any way?

I was in the process of making my first E.P. and wanted to figure out a theme for it all. The conclusion I came up with is "taking chances" and with that I decided to start the project off with that song to motivate others but also myself. A lot of people want something so bad they could feel it in the core of their belly but are too afraid to make that first step. This song as well as the whole project was just letting them know that it's ok to take that first step. The hardest step is always the first one and not saying it's easy after, but it is EASIER after that initial move. You have to think about your life and where you want to be. Right now where you are do you see yourself satisfied and "happy" if you stay there forever? If so then you're where you're supposed to be but if not, what's stopping you from getting to where you want to be? The answer is you. No one/nothing can stop you but you. There's always a way. Just remember no matter hard it gets, Don't ever let nobody take your soul. It's what makes you you.

What’s next for you Deshawn Visionz?

A visual for Don't worry, Some more quick drops, and another E.P. called Astral Projection. Stay tuned with updates on my IG and Thank You for your time for the interview and anyone seeing this. I appreciate you.


Keep up with Deshawn through his socials!



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