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Desiree Choy Releases Heartfelt Single "Rewind"

Desiree Choy knew she wanted to be a singer since the young age of three where she was barely able to start learning how to play the piano. Desiree sang in musical theatre and jazz

throughout her childhood and eventually found her love for R&B. Always in constant cultivation of her craft, Desiree tends to be inspired by moods and her native city of San Francisco.

An almost lo-fi vibe picks up on the piano until the smooth classic R&B vocals start to sing. The choice of a lo-fi piano is what starts the mood off in Desiree's "Rewind", along with the slow claps that eventually come in. From the beginning, the setting is placed in our minds that we are in San Francisco in a dimly lit hotel room or penthouse. Stunning and smooth, Desiree adds harmonies while staying in groove with the song. Nostalgia goes hand in hand with "Rewind" where Choy also infuses a slight throwback to the 2000’s R&B. This song will leave you in a good mood and will have you relaxing wherever you’re at. Nothing but good vibes come from this song and Desiree’s knack for singing and songwriting. All together a perfect song for people of all ages and genre preferences.

Add Desiree's "Rewind" to your Spotify playlist, and be sure to read the artists personalized interview below!

Hi Desiree, It’s great to meet you! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and how you got into music?

Hey Buzz Music LA, it's nice to meet you guys too. It all started when I was three in ballet class, when my mom and teacher both realized I was drawn not to class, but the piano where the accompaniment played. From that moment I started playing the piano and singing nonstop. Singing was always my first love and the thing I always did, whether it was musical theater or jazz growing up. It wasn't until recently that I felt inspired to discover my own sound and make original music.

What drew you to R&B? Who are your biggest musical influences, that have helped shape the artist you’ve become today?

Having sung jazz as a younger adult, I always gravitated toward R&B because I just loved how it sounded, and how it feels to sing it! I have a raspy voice, and I love that soulful vibe, so it was a natural fit. Growing up, I was obsessed with all the power house vocal divas like Mariah and Whitney. I've loved Alicia Keys since Day 1, and she definitely inspires me to make upbeat music with live, talented accompaniment.

What is your favorite lyric from, “Rewind” and why?

My favorite lyric probably is the most simple one, "Don't think about it too much", which has been found in many a song before, and for good reason. It's a good reminder to not overthink things, and to live in the moment. :)

What do you hope your listeners will gain from your music?

I hope listeners will be able to relate to the words I write, and also to be inspired to come into any situation with the angle of positivity. I want to make feel good music, and show listeners happy/uplifting music can also be sexy and non-cliche.

What inspired your song and what is the meaning behind “Rewind”?

The song is first about nostalgia for great times of the past, and then recognizing that the past situations no longer apply. The next part of the song is about not necessarily reliving the past, because that's impossible, but rather getting to that great place again, if just for a moment. It's trying to see the good in a situation, and not dwelling on the fact that things have changed. And because there were such amazing times before, both characters know that kind of bliss is achievable.

What can we expect next from you Desiree?

I'm going to take it a bit upbeat, and show the other elements of my voice! My next song is what I call the theme song to my life, and it's upbeat, fun, and playful. Though I'm still finding my sound, I realize that the process is really such a beautiful thing and I'm loving every minute of it. Stay tuned ya'll, and thanks so much!


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