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Destinie Lynn Showers Us in Emotion With a New Vulnerable Release

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and Americana recording artist Destinie Lynn wears her heart on her sleeve in an emotional new release entitled "Never Again."

The passionate singer-songwriter often releases music within the Americana roots tradition and takes influences from genres like blues, alternative, folk, and Americana. With her literary-minded lyricism and wide-ranging artistic influences, Destinie Lynn is able to create her soulful, haunting, and conceptual tunes of love, loss, morality, and the soul's daily struggles.

Pitching camp in our hearts is Destinie Lynn's latest single, "Never Again," which is bound to move mountains in any listener's life. The single showcases Destinie Lynn's vulnerability and lyrical mastery, which expands on her frustration with a past lover and wanting to steer away from the tarnished love they had to offer.

Hitting play on "Never Again," the piece calmly opens with a soothing country instrumental with melancholy violins and a warm acoustic guitar. Once Destinie Lynn's angelic vocals appear, she instantly swoons us with her haunting and chilling stylings that give us a chill or two. Listening to her lyrical content, Lynn touches on an incredibly heartfelt and important message of parting ways with a turbulent relationship and making time to love herself once again.

We deeply appreciate the meaning and relatable concept within this powerful and magnetic single; Destinie Lynn truly offers a sonic shoulder to cry on. As she makes her way to the outro, Destinie Lynn reminds herself to look towards the future with optimism while leaving us with nothing but hope, tenderness, and grace.

Mend your heart and soul with Destinie Lynn's latest single, "Never Again," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Destinie Lynn. We can't get enough of the relatable emotion and heart you've placed into your recent single, "Never Again." What experience inspired this honest and melancholy piece?

The lyrics and melody for Never Again originally came to me while I was in the middle of braiding my hair actually. Anyone who’s sat through that process knows it can be a very long and tiring experience. I was about 6 hours into the process and I kept mumbling to myself “I’m never doing this again” and the “never again” lyric and melody came to me. I just started singing “never again” to myself over and over. Mind you, every time I braid my hair I always say it’s the last time, and (spoiler alert) it never is haha. It wasn’t until a bit later when I was laughing to myself about that fact, that the rest of the line “never again, no baby, not ’til the next time” came to me, and the song idea kind of blossomed from there.

Did you work with any musicians to help navigate where you wanted to take the sonic atmosphere for "Never Again?" Or was this a solo process?

For the most part, it was a solo process. I knew that I wanted to have a fiddle on this song and I knew that I wanted Jamie Shadowlight to be the one to do it. She played violin on a song called “My Honey” on my 2020 EP and her playing just makes any song shine. I also knew I wanted to play around with harmonies on this song to kind of mirror the experience of having a kind of whispering repetitive voice in your head. I thought about adding other elements to the track but ultimately decided against it. At its core, it’s a simple country song, so I didn’t want to try to make it anything else but that. I decided to just keep it simple and straightforward and let the vocals, violin, and guitar play equal parts in telling the story.

Was it challenging to sit down and relive those memories in order to write your lyrics for "Never Again?" What was your songwriting process like?

It actually wasn’t super challenging initially, and I think that’s because the idea of the song started as something very light and innocuous. But as the songwriting process went on and I started to fill out the verses and the pre-chorus I quickly realized that the experience of telling yourself “never again” can be applied to so many other experiences in my life. I started thinking about all the things, people, habits, etc. that I’ve said “never again” to (even when I knew at the time I was kind of lying to myself) and I started thinking about how heartbreaking that cycle can be. Having that realization during the writing process really helped me to give the song some depth and heart.

What did you want to make your audience feel when listening to "Never Again?" If there was one thing you wanted them to take away, what would that be?

I just really wanted people to be able to relate to the story and the lyrics and to recognize the ways in which this experience has shown up in their lives. I think it’s a really common experience, we’ve all been there. I think maybe more than anything I wanted to highlight that the very act of recognizing that you’re in denial in situations like this is half the battle. Once you can admit to yourself that you have a pattern of saying “never again” but repeating the behavior anyway, a certain level of introspection starts to happen and that’s really exciting to me; not just inspiring people to feel and relate, but also making them think and self-examine.

What’s next for you?

I’m planning to release another EP in the latter part of 2022 that I’m really excited about, and between now and then I’ll be releasing some singles and keeping everyone up to date on my social media.


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