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Destxny Has A “Red Eye,” Worth Looking Into

Does the mysteriously hypnotizing and ever-so sensual artist Destxny work to marvel listeners with her latest life-inspired track, "Red Eye." Destxny allows her soul to essentially take over when it comes time to put pen to paper, and her songwriting has always been rooted in vulnerability.

The actual vision for "Red Eye" was generated with the help of Destxny's brother, Remvmber When. The song took a hold of the two and rocked their hearts. They knew they created a meaningful listening experience with "Red Eye," projecting love-filled imagery that leads to a world of emotionality.

Destxny dives deep into the song's story during her exclusive BuzzMusic interview. She eludes that "Red Eye" goes beyond surface-level love, and dives deep into the spiritual aspect of "twin flames." Many messages shine bright throughout the track, and if you hone in carefully enough, you'll be able to take more than one away for yourself.

The downright enigmatic melody serves as a great foundation for the overall narrative. Destxny does not disappoint, and her next moves include internal and external explorations. Watch out for the release of her single, "Forget It," which is set to drop sometime next month.

To read more about Destxny and her song "Red Eye," read the full-length BuzzMusic article here.

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