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Dezert Eagle Drops New Banger “Don’t Stop” Ft. Greedy

Based in South London, Dezert Eagle is an artist with a unique sound and flow. His lyrical ability combined with his rhythm delivery makes him a force to be reckoned with. Dezert engages with his audience through the art of storytelling, he has the ability to paint pictures with his words enabling the audience to feel his music.

While there’s a definite edge of contemporary hip-hop styles and sounds in “Don’t Stop” ft. Greedy, Dezert Eagle utilizes this to gain an audience’s interest. The music helps create a level of individuality that you start to recognize as being the calling card of this artist. “Don’t Stop” has a smooth, subtle manner in which the whole thing pours through. Nothing flashy or overpowering is needed, the single works on the strength of its own rhythm and intention, and that seems to be the key for Dezert Eagle. The verses throughout “Don’t Stop” feel familiar and accessible, Dezert makes sure to spit rhymes and ideas precisely and naturally. His flow varies just enough so throughout the performance to let you know there’s skill and purpose behind it all, and that works well as he furthers the familiarity of his sound and his name.

What makes this release from good to great is Dezert’s voice, his bars are superb, honest and open, fascinating and often endearing, showcasing confidence and vulnerability all at once. You hear the passion and energy build up and up towards the final break and resolve that is the hook. The second verse then explodes into action on a whole other level. Stay tuned for more from Dezert Eagle.

Check out Dezert’s new song “Don’t Stop” Ft. Greedy here

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Dezert Eagle! We're incredibly excited to feature "Don’t Stop"! It's a genuine and honest track that we feel the utmost love for. Where did you draw the inspiration from to curate such a song?

Like all of my songs, the inspiration comes from life experiences But the feeling infused in the beat is where the subject matter was drawn from. 

We can imagine you've been told time and time again how incredible your voice is, but we just had to say it again. Did your deep and rhythmic flow come naturally, or was it crafted over time?

Haha, thanks! My voice has always stood out and been an asset that I’m fully aware of but I have definitely crafted it over the years. My earlier tracks recorded were a lot more aggressive in tone. I liked the aggression but worked on toning it down a little and talking to the listeners rather than shouting at them all the time lol.


Can you tell us the predominant message behind "Don’t Stop"? How did you feel writing/recording the track, and how did you intend your listeners to feel?

The predominant message is to never give up.! Always keep pushing for whatever it is that you set your mind to. I was definitely gassed up when I wrote this one because I was in love with the beat especially the baseline. It was like a straight-up marriage between my lyrics and the instruments. The beat has a classic hip hop Flava and I can’t deny my love for that. I’d have to say that I intended to give the listeners a burst of energy that will make them wanna get up and go get whatever it is that they desire by any means necessary. 

How did your collaboration with Greedy come to fruition? Can your listeners expect more projects together in the future? 

Still Greedy is actually my younger brother so you will definitely hear more of us collaborating. We have tracks parked up and ready to go so it’s just a matter of time. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us! How does your hometown feed your musical passion on the daily? Do you find that music culture inspires you and your music?

My hometown definitely feeds my musical passion on a daily as my music is drawn from my experiences and surroundings. I’ve grown up as a British born Ghanaian and have always been back n forth between both countries from an early age. So both London and Ghana have had a major input into my musical content. I’d say that music culture always encourages me to push and do more and make my contribution. But it doesn’t all necessarily inspire my music, however, there are definitely some artists, musicians, and sounds that do.


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